KLAS Reports Published in May - Cover

KLAS Reports Published in May

Several insightful reports were published during the month of May, including the much-anticipated US Hospital EMR Market Share report.

We also published a white paper on the hallmarks of high-performing companies, an Arch Collaborative Impact report on clinician training, and two new emerging-solution or first-look reports. Look over the list below to pinpoint the reports that most interest you.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. US Hospital EMR Market Share 2023

This report is one of KLAS’ most widely read reports each year. Read the report to find out more about each vendor's current market share and the driving forces and trends behind today's EMR market.

2. Hospice 2023

Hospice leaders are strapped for resources; they need tools that can help with clinician burnout, streamline workflows, and build more point-of-care functionality. You need to read this report if you’re trying to figure out which vendors could meet your needs in this area.

3. Interactive Patient Systems 2023

Digital patient rooms use technology to improve the overall experience of patients and providers within the hospital. This report focuses on the more advanced capabilities that vendors offer for digital patient rooms. You will learn about the outcomes that deep adopters of these capabilities are seeing and more.

4. Payer Care Management 2023

Care management vendors offer new functionality that allows payers to address more emerging use cases, like behavioral health. Take a look at this report to understand which vendors are providing a strong customer experience in this often low-performing market.

5. Smart Pumps/EMR Interoperability 2023

Get a market snapshot of which smart pump vendors offer bidirectional interoperability between their smart pumps and providers’ EMRs. You’ll also learn about the experiences of deep adopters and gain insight into the outcomes and vendor guidance the adopters receive.

6. Computer-Assisted Coding 2023

Computer-assisted coding (CAC) solutions are just one documentation strategy for organizations looking to cut costs and maintain high accuracy. Read this report to gain customers’ insights into CAC vendors’ support and service and to learn about how CAC solutions perform.

7. Remote Patient Monitoring 2023

Rapidly evolving technologies for remote patient monitoring offer promising outcomes in value-based care arrangements, including earlier intervention times and reduced utilization rates. See the report to learn about the customer experience in several key areas, like partnership and integration.

White Paper

1. Hallmarks of High-Performing Companies 2023

Most healthcare IT companies work to meet their customers’ expectations, but KLAS’ data shows that one in four organizations report broken promises. This white paper identifies common areas where promises are not kept and the impact on providers and offers solutions for both sides.

Arch Collaborative Impact Reports

1. Clinician Training 2023

Training is a key pillar of EHR success. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the importance of education was made even more clear. This impact report delves deep into user surveys and trainer benchmarks to demystify the specific elements of education that lead to clinician success.

Emerging Solutions and First Look Reports

1. Olah Enterprise Archiving Solution – First Look

A data-archiving solution that allows organizations to access historical data from retired software solutions.

2. Clearway Health Pharmacy Consulting Services – First Look

Services that offer expertise and resources to enable any hospital organization to build and run a specialty pharmacy program.

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