Modern-Day Warrior: Pink Sword, Please! - Cover

Modern-Day Warrior: Pink Sword, Please!

One of the perks of working with healthcare's superstars is working with individuals who make a difference. I was fortunate enough to cross paths with such a superstar, JoAnn Pushkin. She is an educator and advocate, and unfortunately, she is also a patient. 

Breast Density and Mammograms

JoAnn learned the hard way about her own breast density that had been limiting the effectiveness of her regular mammograms. She was surprised to learn of the term dense breast and was saddened that she had not heard it before. As one could imagine, she began to research how various densities of breast tissue affect the results of mammograms. Frustration transformed into passion, and her efforts to make a change forced results. 

Time for Advocacy

JoAnn decided it was time for a new path and cofounded the advocacy group DENSE (Density Education National Survivors' Effort). The primary focus of the organization is to cause awareness and notify and educate women about their own breast density. Most recently, she has been working with her team and supporting healthcare providers by creating a patient brochure, a risk checklist, and other education materials. This information can be found on her team's website. Words cannot describe how happy and proud I am to see JoAnn bravely sharing her story, encouraging involvement, and advocating for others.

Warriors Needed

When I think of modern-day warriors, many come to mind. Many are needed. Warriors are needed to not only share the message but also provide quality healthcare, develop technology, and manufacture solid equipment. In addition, coming together will continue to help promote and provide quality healthcare for patients like JoAnn.

Pick up a pink sword and join the crusade in your own way. See you on the battlefield!