Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in October - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in October

In this edition of our report roundup, I am excited to review the new findings published by KLAS in October. For decades, KLAS has published research on healthcare technology and services, and all of that research is always based on the generous feedback of anonymous providers. Our latest research sheds light on some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the healthcare landscape. That includes financial improvement consulting and the third installment of the Hallmarks of High-Performing Companies series.

Explore the key highlights and implications of KLAS' October publications, which provide valuable insights that can shape the future of healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

Healthcare Market IT Reports

1. How Services Firms Can Drive Successful Client Engagements 2023

KLAS researchers asked 27 healthcare IT services firms about the best practices they use to drive successful client engagements. Using their insights, we published this study as a piece of KLAS’ Vendor Excellence series. This is a great report for vendors who hope to elevate their client success strategies around four critical areas.

2. Release of Information 2023: Examining Digital Technology & Vendor Efficiency

Information-blocking regulations demand that patients have enhanced, easier access to their data. In consequence, healthcare organizations increasingly need technology that improves release of information (ROI) efficiency. While firms in this space are typically high performers, this report differentiates between the firms by looking at a few different aspects, including the different ROI models and which firms perform best for each model.

3. Hallmarks of High-Performing Companies 2023: The Importance of Quality Support

Proactive service is closely linked to customer retention and the success of any technology, so healthcare IT vendors’ phone and web support teams play an important role as the first point of contact when customers have issues or questions. If you’re looking to create a collaborative and proactive partnership, this report can help by highlighting common failings with support, the effect those have on customers, and what both vendors and customers can do to improve.

4. Payment Accuracy & Integrity Solutions 2023: Financial Outcomes Top of Mind

Payment accuracy and integrity solutions help payers make more accurate payments and recover losses when overpayments occur. As KLAS’ first report on this market, this report works to identify the main capabilities of these solutions. It also shows some early findings on customer satisfaction in this area. While the report isn’t intended to be a comparison report of vendors’ capabilities, it does encapsulate the feedback from interviewed payer customers.

5. Financial Improvement Consulting 2023: A Look at Achieved Outcomes in a Financially Challenging Environment

Inside this report, you’ll find valuable insights on how consulting firms are helping healthcare organizations navigate the financial challenges they are currently facing. As an update on the KLAS 2020 Financial Consulting report, the data examines the types of work consulting firms are doing and the outcomes they are achieving in this financially challenging environment. 

Arch Collaborative Impact Reports

The Arch Collaborative is made up of providers and vendors who are passionate about improving their clinicians’ EHR satisfaction. The involved organizations benchmark and survey their clinicians regularly with this goal in mind. Now several years into the initiative, KLAS has feedback from over 440,000 healthcare providers and counting. Members of the Collaborative have open access to the reports published based on this data.

1. Clinician EHR Efficiency Software and Services 2023

Despite the significant impact of EHR efficiency on the clinician EHR experience, only 46% of respondents agree that their EHR enables efficiency. So healthcare organizations are looking for outside help to improve efficiency and enhance the overall EHR experience. KLAS has validated several organizations that have successfully leveraged vendor and firm partnerships to achieve this goal. Read the report for valuable insights into the offerings provided by vendors and firms. The report can be used as a guide for organizations seeking to enhance their clinicians' EHR efficiency.

2. Self-Directed eLearning 2023

This report takes a look at eLearning and its impact on improving EHR experience. The Arch Collaborative provides insights into how eLearning can be strategically implemented as a convenient and cost-effective training method for clinicians. eLearning addresses the need for organizations to scale their education programs quickly with limited staff and budgets, and recent graduates often prefer eLearning. Read the report to learn how eLearning can complement traditional instructor-led training and more.

Emerging Solutions: Top 20, Spotlights, First & Second Look Reports, & Case Studies

The second KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20 report was published in October after announcing the winners at a special awards night during HLTH.

Read on for additional information on the newest Emerging Solutions Spotlights and First Looks. Each report is an overview of the solution or service and gives KLAS’ first look at what the customer experience is like.

1. 2023 KLAS Emerging Solutions Top 20

With so many new technologies popping up in healthcare, it's easy to miss out on potential game-changing partnerships. To help highlight technologies with great potential, KLAS published the first-ever Emerging Solutions Top 20 report in 2022. Now, KLAS has just released the 2023 Emerging Solutions Top 20 report. This is done with the help of expert providers who review KLAS’ spotlight reports on emerging technology and rate them based on their potential impact on the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare.

2. BUDDI AI’s Coding.AI – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: an autonomous coding solution that offers full-service coding through an AI tool. It works to improve coding accuracy and streamline the billing process.

3. Cotiviti Payment Accuracy Solutions – First Look: payment accuracy solutions intended to take on the burden of all major claims types and review stages and to reduce unnecessary spending.

4. Zelis Healthcare Payment Integrity Solutions – First Look: payment integrity solutions that work to ensure accurate payments with functionalities across the billing process.

5. First Health Advisory 2023 – First Look: services that address risk holistically by offering digital health risk assurance.

6. Cordea Consulting 2023 – First Look: staffing and advisory services that help provider organizations optimize their healthcare IT solutions.

7. Onyx SAFHIR 2023 – First Look: a platform that transforms healthcare data into a shareable, compliant format requested by payers. This helps meet recent CMS mandates around patient data sharing.

8. Roche navify Lab Operations 2023 – First Look: a solution that works to consolidate lab data and automate processes to provide time savings and more outcomes.

9. Roche navify POC Operations 2023 – First Look: a solution made to enhance point-of-care (POC) device management by properly integrating technologies into workflows.

10. Roche navify Tumor Board 2023 – First Look: a solution that helps with the communication, collaboration, data sharing, and decision-making associated with tumor board conferences.

Summit Executive Overview

As we gather insights from attendees during KLAS’ events, we compile them into Executive Overviews, which are publicly available. Read each one for an understanding of the discussions taking place at KLAS’ exclusive summits.

Global Summit 2023

In June, KLAS gathered 119 participants to our annual global summit held in Portugal. For two days, leaders discussed some of the industry’s top challenges, as well as where there are areas for growth or innovation. Read the overview for specifics around two discussions: the first on the gaps between healthcare organizations, regulators, and policymakers and the second on advancing the cloud in healthcare.

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