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KLAS Reports Published in September

KLAS Research is constantly talking with providers, from clinicians to administrators and C-suite executives, about the technology and services they use. Our end goal is always to help the customers’ voices be heard by their vendors and other organizations trying to make decisions about their healthcare IT strategies.

The insights you’ll find in the reports published in September include an early look at virtual sitting and virtual nursing, a deep dive into the firms that help implement Infor’s ERP suite, and a partnership report on healthcare IT trends published with Bain & Company. But we didn’t stop there. You’ll also find research on 10 emerging solutions, flash insights on Omnicell, and a summit executive overview of the Arch Collaborative Learning Summit.

Healthcare Market IT Reports

1. Implementation Services for Infor ERP 2023: Part of a Series on ERP Implementations

Implementing a new, cloud-based ERP solution is a significant undertaking that can have a profound impact on day-to-day business. With added challenges from the post-COVID-19 staffing landscape, organizations are engaging with firms that offer implementation leadership and business transformation services. Explore the experiences of clients who have worked with firms providing implementation services specifically for Infor's ERP suite. If you are considering adopting a new cloud-based ERP solution, this is a must-read report.

2. Virtual Sitting & Nursing 2023: An Early Look at Promising Outcomes

Healthcare organizations are paying attention to virtual sitting and nursing solutions, despite the significant up-front investment required. This report gives an early look at what the customer experience is like and the positive outcomes organizations are seeing in this space. Read the report for this information and other more broad market insights.

3. End-to-End Revenue Cycle Outsourcing 2023: Pursuing Financial and Staffing Stability

To help achieve a level of stability in the current market, healthcare executives are turning to external partners for help. Those partners include end-to-end revenue cycle outsourcing (RCO) firms. Not all RCO firms take the same approach to meeting their clients’ needs, so this report looks specifically at the models and approaches of each firm. Additionally, you’ll find insights on the performance of end-to-end RCO firms and the reasons the provider organizations are outsourcing their revenue cycle work.

4. Physician Scheduling 2023: Organizations Improve Scheduling Efficiency & Visibility despite Complexities

Many healthcare organizations agree that technology does boost scheduling efficiency and visibility, but many have yet to achieve the fully automated process they originally hoped for. We take a look at two different types of vendors in this space and share the challenges and successes customers experience with both. Take a look at the report to read about those insights and more general market insights gathered from respondents.  

Partnership Reports 

KLAS partners with various companies to help the voices of customers in healthcare reach important audiences. Occasionally, we work with our partners to publish research findings in a report.

2023 Healthcare Provider IT Report: Doubling Down on Innovation

Take a look at KLAS and Bain & Company’s second annual report that explores the trends impacting the healthcare IT market. Research finds that provider organizations are continuing to accelerate spending on IT and software, despite facing industry-wide challenges like labor shortages and financial pressures. Inside you’ll find insights like the top areas for investment, the impact of AI, and more.

Arch Collaborative Impact Reports

For several years, KLAS has interviewed thousands of providers to gather provider experience data with their EHRs. That data is published in Impact Reports like the ones below to help organizations with their EHR improvement strategies.

1. Arch Collaborative Provider Guidebook 2023

The Arch Collaborative's newest Provider Guidebook is a valuable resource for healthcare leaders. Over 300 health systems worldwide have used the Arch Collaborative survey to measure EHR satisfaction, with more than 145,000 providers participating and dedicating over 24,000 hours to providing feedback. This incredible effort has allowed the Arch Collaborative to identify universal best practices that any health system can use. Find your organization's own path to EHR success inside.

2. Personalizing the EHR 2023: Improving Physician Satisfaction and Efficiency

Learn about the benefits and best practices of leveraging personalization in the EHR. Almost from the start of the Arch Collaborative, the Collaborative identified three pillars of EHR satisfaction, the third being personalization. Find out how to unleash tailored technology to empower clinicians, boost efficiency, and ensure safety. 

Emerging Solutions Spotlights, First Look Reports & Case Studies

By popular request from provider organizations, KLAS’ Emerging Solutions research looks into the emerging technologies in the market. Each Emerging Solutions Spotlight focuses on one specific solution that is new to the market. First Look reports cover solutions or services new to KLAS’ review. Finally, case studies look at new products from existing vendors.

1. CareAllies – First Look: a firm that offers value-based care managed services.

2. Healthrise – First Look: a firm that provides IT services for IT go-lives, revenue cycle optimization, and HIT staffing.

3. Proactive MD – First Look: for employers who want to offer employer-sponsored healthcare services, Proactive MD offers fully encompassed and managed healthcare services.

4. CareSignal by Lightbeam – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: a deviceless remote patient monitoring (RPM) offering that uses texts and phone calls to gather data instead of RPM hardware.

5. care.ai Smart Patient Rooms – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: virtual care hardware that supports healthcare staff with virtual nursing, monitoring, and predictive analysis using AI.

6. McKesson Utilization Analytics – First Look: a solution integrated with drug purchasing, usage, patient administration, and reimbursement data rather than theoretical usage.

7. Optum Payment Integrity Solutions – First Look: payment integrity solutions that aim for a comprehensive payment integrity approach. *Optum declined to participate in the study, but it was done by payer request for more data on the customer experience.

8. QGenda Time Tracking and Compensation – First Look: a healthcare-specific workforce management solution that offers configurable rules to effectively manage time and attendance and compensation calculations. It works to optimize organizations’ workforces through reporting and analytics.

9. UST Cloud Services – First Look: cloud services that include cloud advisory, transformation, and managed cloud and infrastructure services.

10. Alpha Nodus Gravity AI – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: a solution using AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze patient data, insurance information, and treatment plans to automate prior authorization workflows.

Flash Insights 

These reports provide a high-level view of significant happenings in the industry, such as a major acquisition or a big change in policy. KLAS collects the data for these very quickly, and the resulting report does not have as deep of an analysis as a standard market report.

Omnicell 2023

Late last year, Omnicell announced a change in their customer approach, emphasizing the use of a managed services model for all their technology. Omnicell has already tried the managed services model with some singular solutions, and customers generally had a better experience with this approach. However, due to current economic conditions and staffing challenges, customers also have a few concerns. Read the report to find out about customer confidence in and perception of this new model.

Summit Executive Overview

Executive overviews come from the insights gathered at KLAS’ events and are open for public view.

Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2023

In July 2023, KLAS hosted the sixth annual Arch Collaborative Learning Summit. At the summit, 308 leaders from 105 healthcare organizations gathered to share expertise on improving the clinician EHR experience. Topics discussed included maintaining senior leadership buy-in and managing burnout and turnover.

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