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A Simple Approach to EHR Problem Solving

This is the eighth in a series of excerpts from a recent Arch Collaborative exclusive webinar, hosted by Taylor Davis and featuring Rob Schreiner, MD, President of Wellstar Medical Group.

Taylor Davis:

"Any other insights that you've had in terms of how to create a feeling of safety in the path ahead, for something that just is intrinsically a very unsafe feeling to go through a change?"

Rob Schreiner:

"Yeah! I would say that we leaders way over-complicate our messaging. We will either consciously or subconsciously want to prove to our audience that we really have earned the right to be the leader and we really are smart. So we come up with these really elaborate explanations of why we want to do what we want to do and proof that what we did worked.

I recommend a simpler approach: Here's the problem. We've got a problem and physician burnout or staff turnover or whatever. Here's the solution: We're gonna improve staffing by a modest amount, but more importantly, we're gonna train everybody to use the EMR at a higher competency rate.

We're gonna measure success in the following ways, not all of which will be quantitative, some will be qualitative. "Do you like your job better now, nurse, than you did four months ago?" Or, "Are you still thinking about leaving, doctor, now like you were four months ago?"

So simplify the message: Here's the problem to solve, here's the proposed solution that we tested and validated. And here's the outcome that the last crew got out of that solution.

Wouldn't you want to be part of that story going forward?"

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Photo Credit: Shutterstock.com, Iva Vagnerova