What Are You Forgetting During Change? - Cover

What Are You Forgetting During Change?

This is the fourteenth in a series of excerpts from a recent Arch Collaborative exclusive webinar, hosted by Taylor Davis and featuring Rob Schreiner, MD, President of Wellstar Medical Group.

Taylor Davis:

"You don't come from an IT perspective, Dr. Schreiner. You come from overall Administration, as the president of physician group.

As you look at it teams whether it's the CIO or the CMIO or someone else leading up the change, what is the most common step gets missed that holds back an organizations' IT group and the organization overall from a successfully adopting an EHR and allowing that EHR to drive success within the organization?

Thoughts on that?"

Rob Schreiner:

"Number two. It's the forming a powerful coalition. I would say that we in healthcare have set up our IT teams to fail in the following way:

In my consulting days, I saw plenty of health systems that do this. They think about their IT teams as "order takers" rather than thought partners in the enterprise. In particular, they don't think of them as thought partners in change management.

So often operations goes to their IT business partner and saying, "Hey I need some different training, but I don't know what that looks like." Or, "I need some different functionality in the build, but I don't know what that looks like. Go give me some different training or some different build specs."

It would be more effective to say, "Hey, would you mind sitting down with a few clinical leaders - some of them will be nurses, some doctors - and participate in the conversation?"

We're not going to beat up on you. You're not going to beat up on us. We're going to work collaboratively in a team to define the problems we're trying to solve. And then have a discovery period of looking for solutions where we're going to all be in it together as we roll out our design. That's the biggest missing piece and that relationship is the biggest miss in my book."

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