Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in December - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in December

Through the holidays, KLAS has not slowed down on publishing valuable insights for the healthcare IT industry. In December, many published reports were the first of their kind, including reports on data and analytics services, payer IT consulting services, debt collection services, and generative AI. We will continue tracking trends and reporting on performance in these areas in the future.

Read on for summaries of the reports KLAS published in the last month, and click the links to read further into each of these reports.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. Data & Analytics Services 2023: Laying the Foundation for Data Transformation

Healthcare is inundated with data, but sometimes the data lacks actionable insights. Data and analytics services firms attempt to help by providing a variety of services. Read the report for an outlined framework of this market and the type of engagements as well as performance data on firms in this space.

2. Payer IT Consulting Services Ecosystem 2023: An Initial Look at Performance and Firm-Reported Capabilities

Payer IT consulting covers a wide breath of professional services to help payer organizations improve, including advisory services, process improvement and change management, implementations, and managed services. Check out this report for an ecosystem overview and how firms in the market are performing.

3. Debt Collection Services 2023: How Are Firms Fostering Partnerships & Driving Outcomes?

Debt collection is a necessary but often burdensome and sensitive task, so healthcare organizations often work with multiple debt collections services firms for help. This report looks at these firms and analyzes who is providing strong technology and relationships through the lens of customer experiences.

4. Enterprise Revenue Cycle Management Platforms 2023: Current Provider Experiences on the Platform Adoption Journey

The revenue cycle is a complicated but necessary part of healthcare, and some vendors are seeking to streamline the process by building an end-to-end revenue cycle management platform. This report looks at the overall platform experience and analyzes customer satisfaction of those who have adopted a vendor’s platform.

5. Generative AI 2023: What Are Organizations’ Current Adoption & Future Plans?

In healthcare and throughout other industries, generative AI is a hot buzzword right now, and many healthcare organizations and HIT vendors are figuring out the best ways to incorporate AI into their workflows and products while maintaining productivity and security. Read KLAS’ first report on generative AI to see how healthcare executives are working with or planning to work with AI and what their challenges with AI are.

Emerging Insights: Spotlights, First & Second Look Reports, and Case Studies

KLAS is always seeking out new and upcoming IT products that can positively impact healthcare. Emerging Insights reports include early customer feedback and satisfaction for these solutions. Check out the reports for these three solutions to learn more about what they can offer.

1. Redivus Health Code Blue 2023: Providing Clinical GPS during Lifesaving Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Procedures (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution that aims to reduce medical errors and any unneeded variables from code-blue procedures through clinical GPS.

2. SparkChange SparkActions 2023: Optimizing Revenue Cycle Operations through Automation (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution for optimizing the intricacies of the revenue cycle through database-level automations.

3. Lean Business Services Raqeem 2023: Providing Medical Record Automation & Workflow Efficiencies (Emerging Company Spotlight): A solution intended to help organizations increase efficiency and connectivity through the automation of the medical record.