Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in November - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in November

While the KLAS team continues to prepare for the launch of the new Best in KLAS report in February, we are also not slowing our pace with publishing important insights for many areas of the healthcare industry. Some of KLAS’ published reports in November covered digital pathology in the US, the state of the PACS industry, and two executive overviews of recent summits.

Take a look at the summaries to find what is a must-read report for you.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. Data & Analytics Platforms 2023: Which Vendors Can Handle Complexity and Deliver Outcomes?

The amount of data that a healthcare organization has to manage is astronomical, making strong data and analytics platforms a constant need. Take a look at this report to learn about the data source types that solutions can ingest, the results solutions deliver when the use case is complex, and how well vendors partner with customers to help everyone succeed.

2. US Digital Pathology 2023: A Deep Dive into Early Clinical Adopters’ Successes and Lessons Learned

The US Digital Pathology report is a valuable resource for healthcare organizations considering the adoption of digital pathology. The technology is rapidly advancing, and with the introduction of new CPT codes, there is potential for future reimbursement opportunities. Despite its promise, digital pathology is still in the early stages in the US. If you are curious about digital pathology, the report provides insights from 14 digital pathology pioneers who offer valuable lessons from their experiences.

3. Patient Engagement 2023: Provider Perceptions on Technology Investment Now and in the Future

Healthcare organizations are working to improve the overall patient experience, making patient engagement technology a high priority for many. So KLAS talked with 93 unique healthcare organizations to more deeply understand the perceptions around the patient engagement market. Read this report to find answers to questions about which vendors are most aligned with provider goals, what future plans are in the works, and more.

4. PACS 2023: Consolidation & Replacements of Aging & Legacy Systems Drive Market Shifts

One in five organizations interviewed by KLAS in the last two years plans to replace their PACS, with more saying they would replace their system if they could. As you can imagine, this makes for a market full of shifts and changes. This report helps readers better understand why certain vendors are being considered, selected, and replaced in this market. Findings are based on 90 recent and KLAS-validated PACS purchase decisions.

5. Snowflake in Healthcare 2023: Streamlining Data Management & Improving Operations in the Cloud

With the need to access the right data to maintain efficient operations and deliver quality care, many organizations are turning to cloud solutions like Snowflake. To gain insight on the customer experience with this solution, KLAS talked to 10 provider organizations to learn about the workloads customers are using, the outcomes they see, and the vendor’s performance.

Arch Collaborative Impact Report

The Arch Collaborative is a unique initiative made up of healthcare providers and technology vendors united by a common purpose: to enhance the satisfaction of clinicians with their EHR systems. This initiative helps organizations make tangible improvements through regular benchmarking and surveying of clinician experiences. This research is based on the Arch Collaborative’s vast data set.

Epic Signal Data 2023

Organizations using the Epic platform frequently use Signal, Epic’s provider-efficiency tracking tool, to try and understand the many different ways that end users interact with the EHR. KLAS Arch Collaborative members wanted to know if Signal data could predict a user’s EHR satisfaction, degree of burnout, or likelihood of leaving. Read the report to learn more about KLAS’ findings in this area.

Emerging Insights: Spotlights, First & Second Look Reports, and Case Studies

To help healthcare organizations have more insights into the new solutions knocking on their door, KLAS is always reviewing up-and-coming solutions. These are often referred to us by providers themselves. First Look reports focus on solutions that are new to KLAS review, though they may have been in the market for a time.

1. Epic Payer Platform 2023 – First Look: A solution meant to connect payer and provider organizations with open channels of communication, going beyond faxing and phone calls.

2. Casechek 2023 – Case Study: A solution working to create a more efficient implant supply chain controlled by the hospital and an automated ecosystem of organizations and suppliers. The case study focuses on early feedback from two respondents at an organization using Casechek.

3. EXL Payment Integrity Solutions 2023 – First Look: Payment integrity solutions that offer a modular approach to payment integrity that aims to provide deeper insights to payers.

Partnership Reports

We strive to make providers’ and payers’ voices heard all over the world, and occasionally that means partnering with like-minded organizations to produce needed research. In November, KLAS published two reports, one in association with CHIME and the other with EY-Parthenon.  

1. Digital Health Most Wired: National Trends 2023

This partnership report is based on CHIME’s 2023 Digital Health Most Wired survey program and some complementary findings from KLAS. This program offers valuable insights into the ways healthcare organizations currently utilize healthcare IT. If you’re a healthcare decision-maker, this report is worth a read to discover the major shifts and themes in the digital health market, all based on robust benchmarking and trending profiles of digital health usage.

2. The 2023 EY-Parthenon and KLAS Research Payer Tech Study: Evolving Payer HCIT Investment Trends

The 2023 EY-Parthenon and KLAS Payer Tech Study is a crucial resource for understanding the current challenges and strategic priorities shaping the health care payer industry. EY-Parthenon professionals and KLAS Research interviewed executives across a diverse mix of payer types, sizes, and line of business coverage to understand their overall strategic priorities, the impact on spend for healthcare IT solutions, and the future outlook for specific subsegments of solutions. By delving into these topics, the 2023 EY-Parthenon and KLAS Payer Tech Study helps you gain the knowledge you need to navigate the evolving health care payer landscape effectively.

3. Ambulatory Pharmacies at Health Systems: Technologies and Strategies to Boost Consumer Engagement

KLAS frequently works with UPMC's Center for Connected Medicine to produce reports that give insight into the modern health system. In this report, we explore how health systems are investing in pharmacy technology to improve consumer engagement. Read it for perspective from health system leaders on digital strategies for ambulatory pharmacies.

Summit Executive Overviews

When KLAS holds a summit, we want the industry as a whole to benefit from the market-moving conversations and results taking place there. Executive overviews cover the discussion points, examine the suggestions for improvement, and sometimes offer a framework to help healthcare leaders move forward with the topic at hand.

1. Revenue Cycle Management Summit 2023: Moving toward Meaningful Automation & Defining Autonomous Coding

When KLAS hosted our first Revenue Cycle Management Summit in August, we focused on automation as the key topic. Leaders from both healthcare organizations and healthcare IT companies came together to share best practices and collaborate on what meaningful automation looks like. Insights in this report are useful for learning about how automation is being used, what challenges users have encountered, and best practices for achieving short-term and long-term solutions.

2. DHIS 2023

The DHIS 2023 summit executive overview is a must-read as it encapsulates the collective wisdom of around 200 attending executive thought leaders, providers, companies, and investment firms. It provides a unique perspective on current and future healthcare developments, insights from small-group discussions on pressing challenges, and the role and impact of AI in healthcare. Take a look to gain valuable insights into the strategic direction of healthcare technology and how it's shaping the industry.

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