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STANLEY Healthcare's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Wireless Nurse Call and Real-Time Location Solutions

Specially designed bundled offerings to address COVID-19 related use cases: emergency/nurse call, asset management, inventory management, and environmental monitoring.

STANLEY Healthcare has designed a simplified and remote implementation process that enables hospitals and healthcare facilities to quickly take advantage of any the solutions below. This enables your organization to be fully operational on an accelerated schedule to effectively manage the COVID-19 pandemic. The packages were designed to support the needs of existing STANLEY Healthcare RTLS customers or existing Cisco customers who need to enable location-based services within their facility or in pop-up hospitals and temporary care sites.

Please visit STANLEY Healthcare’s COVID-19 resource page for updates on solution bundles, best practices, and resources. You can also access this page from the STANLEY Healthcare homepage.

1. Arial® Emergency Call Bundles: Rapidly deploy a wireless or Wi-Fi-based emergency call (nurse call) in new patient care facilities or non-traditional areas of existing hospitals.

Arial® for Pop-Up Hospitals and Temporary Care Areas: (This package is available for locations requiring a wireless solution or those with an existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.) STANLEY Healthcare’s Arial® Emergency Call System solution is a centralized event management, notification, reporting and analytics platform to enable patient safety and security. In order to meet the needs of the crisis, the Arial system is packaged and pre-programmed to be quickly self-installed by the facility to enable full wireless emergency call functionality for temporary hospitals and patient care areas.

How it Works: The Arial platform provides end-to-end capabilities to meet facilities’ needs. Patients can call for nurse assistance at the bedside using either pendants or call stations. When help is needed, alarms are sent directly to caregivers via the Arial dashboard at the workstation and Arial Mobile App on staff members’ phones (iOS or Android) with alarm information to help caregivers respond quickly. Caregivers can reset the alarm from the pendant or call station where it originated. The interactive Arial workstation shows at a glance a list of active alarms. Arial’s reporting tool lets staff see specific events or a patient’s call history. Reports show call volumes, response times and more.

2. Patient Call for Temporary Care Areas: This bundle enables the rapid deployment of call stations and pendants for patient call.

Need: Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, hospitals and health systems are establishing temporary care facilities to house the overflow of patients. Hospitals are also setting up patient beds in non-traditional areas such as hallways and cafeterias. These facilities need a solution for patients in the temporary care areas to call for assistance.

Solution: STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Real Time Location System (RTLS) platform automatically tracks and monitors the location and status of assets, people, and resources throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities. Hospitals can leverage their existing AeroScout system to receive notifications from Wi-Fi Pendants and Wi-Fi Call Stations to enable patient call functionality for temporary patient care areas that have a sufficient Wi-Fi infrastructure to support the system.

How it Works:

  • Call Station/Pendants: Wi-Fi Call Station or Wi-Fi Pendants Tags can be placed or attached to patient beds in temporally care areas.
  • Monitor: The location and status of Wi-Fi Call Stations/ Pendants is visible on your existing RTLS system.
  • Find and Alert: Patients push the button for help, which alerts caregivers via standard alerting channels that exist in MobileView such as Instant Notifier. Caregivers can reset the alarm from the pendant or call station where it originated.
  • Reports: See alert volumes, response times and more.

3. Asset Management: This offering enables the rapid deployment of an Asset Management solution to track equipment for the COVID-19 surge: ventilators, IV pumps, etc. Bundles to support 40, 100 and 200 assets are available.

Need: Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential for hospitals and nursing departments (ICUs) to quickly identify and track the location of critical equipment such as ventilators. Providing alerts when assets are ready for cleaning increases utilization of these critical assets and ensures they were sent for cleaning before they are released for use.

Solution: STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout Asset Management solution is a Real Time Location System (RTLS) that automatically monitors and manages the location and status of critical equipment throughout hospitals and healthcare facilities.

How it Works: Our RTLS Asset Management solution provides real-time location information to ensure critical assets are on-hand and available for use. The Asset Management solution also provides historical information to hospital administrators and health and safety professionals to ensure that patients are not exposed to improperly sanitized equipment or devices. Providing enterprise-wide visibility is particularly important for hospitals that share equipment and devices between buildings and sites. Real-time alerts can improve utilization of assets and ensure they are cleaned between use on different patients.

4. Inventory Management: Manage and protect critical consumable items – PPE, test kits, etc. – with the SpaceTRAX® software and optional RFID enabled carts. This offering enables rapid and remote deployment to hospitals not currently using SpaceTRAX.

Need: The recent COVID-19 outbreak is inundating hospitals and healthcare facilities with an unprecedented number of patients that either need to be tested for the virus or treated for the disease. Consumable items used to diagnose and care for patients, such as testing kits, masks, gowns, gloves, and ventilator circuits to name a few, are in high demand and short supply. Now more than ever hospitals need an easy way to manage their vital supplies and protect them from misappropriation.

Solution: STANLEY Healthcare’s SpaceTRAX® is a cloud-based solution that provides “point of use” data and visibility into on-hand inventory and usage patterns. Items are quickly scanned in and out of inventory using the manufacturers barcode label. We also offer an RFID-enabled inventory management enclosure—together SpaceTRAX +RFID can help reduce shrinkage by securing valuable and limited items within a secure storage cabinet. Access to the cabinet is available only to credentialed staff and those with a personally administered proximity card. Information on who accessed the cabinet and the supplies that were removed can be traced through the complete chain of custody.

How it Works: SpaceTRAX uses manufacturers’ barcodes to capture all key data: each item’s part number, description, expiration date, as well as lot and serial numbers. With SpaceTRAX Plus RFID, you can tag high dollar/high priority items with passive UHF tags to track their location and usage with unprecedented speed and ease. The smart cabinet also offers flexible options— including wireless and cellular connectivity and various sizes.

5. Environmental Monitoring: This offering enables the rapid deployment of a solution to monitor refrigerator conditions in blood banks, pharmacies and patient care areas.

Need: As hospitals respond to the increased patient load resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in vital materials that must be stored within prescribed temperature ranges, including test kits, pharmaceuticals, and blood products. Storage conditions must be monitored continually to ensure patient safety and protect these valuable materials.

Solution: STANLEY Healthcare’s AeroScout® Environmental Monitoring solution is a wireless hospital temperature monitoring solution that helps ensure the safe storage of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, laboratory samples and blood products.

How it Works: Easy to deploy with no fixed wiring, the AeroScout solution leverages your Wi-Fi network to cover every part of the hospital. Our state-of-the-art temperature sensors provide local and remote alerting for temperature excursion events, temperature monitoring to -200°C and integrated contact closure to enable notifications of door ajar events. Data are sent to a centralized RTLS platform for later analysis and regulatory compliance. Our sensors log data in case network connectivity is lost, and release data for upload when the connection is re-established.

6. AeroScout® Links: This self-deployed temperature monitoring solution for refrigerated storage of pharmaceuticals, test kits, and blood products in new patient care areas.

Need: As hospitals respond to the increased patient load resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge in vital materials that must be stored within prescribed temperature ranges, including test kits, pharmaceuticals, and blood products. Storage conditions must be monitored continually to ensure patient safety and protect these valuable materials.

Solution: AeroScout® Links is a simple, affordable system for pharmacy, lab, clinic and hospital administrators to easily monitor and be alerted to patient safety-related environmental trends in real-time. The solution provides actionable information to meet regulatory compliance, prevent product loss, and improve staff efficiency and satisfaction. The AeroScout Links solution combines STANLEY Healthcare’s proven wireless sensor technology with a cloud database and mobile app to radically simplify your monitoring task.

How it Works: Setup of AeroScout Links couldn’t be simpler. No application servers, no network access to configure, and no third-party components to purchase.

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