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KLAS Reports Published in August

Get a glimpse of the healthcare IT research KLAS published during the month of August. All the insights KLAS uses come from the anonymous feedback of thousands of healthcare professionals using healthcare IT solutions and services.

Last month, we published 7 healthcare market IT reports, 1 Arch Collaborative Impact report, 10 reports on emerging solutions, and an executive overview of the SDOH summit from earlier this year.

Healthcare Market IT Reports

1. Drug Diversion Monitoring 2023: New Advanced Capabilities Beginning to Show Promise

The second generation of drug diversion monitoring solutions uses AI, predictive models, and ML to improve patient safety and prevent drugs from being misused or wasted. We took a deeper look at how AI and ML are impacting the user experience and at which vendors are driving outcomes and best supporting their customers. Specifically, you’ll find information on vendors like Bluesight, Protenus, Imprivata, BD, and more.

2. Healthcare Operations 2023: Addressing Operational Challenges through Technology

Operational challenges continue to build for healthcare organizations. KLAS spoke with 51 healthcare executives to find out more about different strategies, goals, and the role that technology currently plays. One insight from the report shows that just over 20% of respondents said that their operational strategy was sophisticated while most others were still in planning, emerging, or maturing stages.

3. Digital Front Door Solutions 2023: A Vendor Guide from The Health Management Academy & KLAS Research

If you’re listening to the buzzwords in healthcare IT you’ve likely heard of the term “digital front door” many times. KLAS and The Health Management Academy partnered to create this guide to help healthcare organizations understand the market and their vendor options. At the start of the report is a chart showing how we consider the digital front door to cover a core set of capabilities across four pillars. Read the report to find out more about vendors that are offering technology under these capabilities.

4. Payer Claims & Administration Platforms 2023

The complex payer claims and administration market has shifted because payers want to go from using multiple technology vendors to consolidating platforms. But finding a single platform that meets payers’ complex needs is challenging, to say the least. If you are a payer, this report will tell you which business lines vendors are focusing on, which vendors are getting market consideration, and how satisfied customers are with their platforms.

5. Safety, Risk & Compliance 2023

The importance of having an integrated and holistic solution for safety, risk, and compliance management was underscored by the COVID-19 pandemic. This report examines 51 recent purchase decisions to help readers see what is influencing purchase decisions and which vendors are seeing the most traction.

6. Digital Fax 2023

Despite advancements in healthcare data exchange, faxing remains a crucial piece for the healthcare industry. This report explores how next-generation faxing features like OCR and NLP can automate workflows based on insights from advanced users. The report also delves into the maintenance efforts of digital faxing and its future in healthcare, following up on KLAS' 2019 report.

7. Hallmarks of High-Performing Companies 2023

While most healthcare organizations are satisfied with vendor support, a significant one-third face dissatisfaction. This report highlights service gaps and their impact and offers actionable solutions for both providers and vendors. In today's uncertain healthcare environment, this report series is a must-read.

Arch Collaborative Impact Reports

The Arch Collaborative data we collect is used to create impact reports that can help Arch Collaborative members with their EHR improvement strategies.

Epic EHR Initiatives 2023

Arch Collaborative members often seek KLAS' advice on the most effective education initiatives and system features from a certain EHR vendor. This report focuses on Epic-specific initiatives and features, since Epic users constitute over 60% of the data sample. The report aims to guide Epic customers in making worthwhile investments by highlighting initiatives and features that users find most beneficial for EHR efficiency and satisfaction.

Emerging Solutions Spotlights, First & Second Look Reports & Case Studies

KLAS’ Emerging Solutions research focuses on one specific solution that is new to the market. First and Second Look reports cover solutions or services new to KLAS’ review. Case studies look at new products from existing vendors.

1. Nuance Patient Engagement Solutions – First Look: an omnichannel engagement technology meant to improve the customer experience with automated, personalized interactions.

2. SKYGEN Core Administration Solutions – First Look: technology meant to fill the core administration needs of dental and vision payers. The solutions are available as SaaS platforms or through SKYGEN’s third-party administrator (TPA) model.

3. Goliath Technologies End-User-Experience Monitoring and Troubleshooting – First Look: comprehensive system-performance-monitoring tools aiming to help organizations’ IT infrastructure perform optimally.

4. SmarterDx – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: an AI solution that scans charts before billing and helps organizations ensure no opportunities are lost in the revenue cycle process.

5. PayZen – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: an automated, AI-driven platform that integrates with existing revenue cycle systems and provides patients with personalized payment options. PayZen also funds providers up front to reduce cash-flow concerns and administrative burden.

6. Solv. Health – First Look: a tool set that includes online scheduling and other previsit functionality, a virtual visit platform, and a marketing tool for building and maintaining positive patient-provider relationships.

7. Regard – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: an EHR-embedded AI copilot for clinicians. It uses patient data to suggest diagnoses and automatically generates clinical notes in the clinicians’ workflow.

8. ECLAT Health Solutions – First Look: a broad outsourcing solution set that takes on various aspects of revenue cycle management.

9. AvaSure – Second Look: an all-in-one virtual sitting platform that supplies both software and hardware that allow one person to monitor and communicate with multiple patients at once. This is an update report on how the customer experience has changed over the last two years.

10. Verity Solutions Verisave – First Look: a solution that aims to replace the manual drug selection process by automatically selecting the best-priced products in real time before orders are even placed.

Summit Executive Overview

Executive overviews come from the insights gathered at KLAS’ exclusive events. August saw the publication of the results from our Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) summit held in March of this year.

Social Determinants of Health Summit 2023

KLAS’ summit on SDOH brought together 69 leaders from 61 pioneering organizations. The goal was to build a unified SDOH framework for community programs. The summit, featuring representatives from various sectors, also hosted two panels on SDOH financing and impact tracking. This executive overview provides the finalized SDOH framework, participant insights, and panel highlights.

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