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KLAS Reports Published in June

June saw the publication of a variety of KLAS reports from our more traditional market reports to new ecosystem reports focusing on five individual ambulatory EMR vendors.

KLAS strives to make each report a valued source of information for healthcare providers and industry experts. As healthcare organizations strive to enhance patient care, streamline operations, and optimize outcomes, these reports can provide helpful guidance by assessing the customer-reported performance and effectiveness of various healthcare software and services.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. Oncology 2023

This report is essential reading if you want to learn about the performance of medical and radiation oncology EMR vendors. See who is meeting their customers’ needs and who is falling behind in these insights.

2. Clinical Communication Platforms 2023

Clinical communication platforms can boost healthcare organizations’ efficiency and care quality when they are successfully adopted. Vendors themselves can help drive strong adoption. Explore how well vendors support organizations’ communication strategies and adoption in this report.

3. Global (Non-US) EMR Market Share 2023

Read the global update on EMR market share to learn more about what changed in 2022 and what is on the horizon for 2023. EMR initiatives are still a significant priority; Europe continues to lead in energy, though other regions are picking up steam as well.

4. Clinical Documentation Integrity 2023

If your organization is using a CDI solution or wants to implement one, read this report for useful data on the performance of CDI vendors. The report outlines the key elements that drive customer satisfaction, such as vendor relationships, outcomes, and reporting capabilities.

5. Employer-Sponsored Health Services Purchasing Guide

This report is specifically for employers and unions who are looking at offering health centers on-site or nearby. This report is done in partnership with the National Association of Worksite Health Centers. It gives guidance on the factors to consider when selecting a vendor to manage a worksite center and includes insights from employers and unions who have implemented health centers.

6. Population Health Vendor Overview 2023

A great overview of several population health management (PHM) technology offerings, readers will be able to learn about the types of organizations using these solutions, what the customer experience is like, and more. This is a follow-up to KLAS’ 2021 report on PHM.

7. Outsourced Coding 2023

With the ongoing staffing shortages, many organizations are using outsourced coding services. This report is useful if you’re looking for the right firm to fit your needs. It details the various firms’ ability to deliver value, maintain consistent staff and quality, and more.

8. ServiceNow in Healthcare 2023

ServiceNow is a cross-industry vendor that offers automated workflows. This report is based on insights from 17 healthcare organizations and is a comprehensive look at how ServiceNow is being used and what the customer experience is like in healthcare.

Arch Collaborative White Paper

Understanding Your Risk for Physician Turnover

This Arch Collaborative white paper focuses on how to identify potential turnover with your clinicians and the factors that could make the biggest difference in reducing it. The data comes from more than 200 physicians, along with separate insights from 54 physicians who stayed with their organizations after saying they planned to leave.  

Ambulatory Ecosystem Complete Look Reports

These reports are case studies focusing on individual vendors of ambulatory EMRs. These provide high-level analysis of the IT components that make up each vendor’s comprehensive suite.

  1. athenahealth Complete Look 2023
  2. eClinicalWorks Complete Look 2023
  3. Greenway Health Complete Look 2023
  4. NextGen Healthcare Complete Look 2023
  5. Veradigm Complete Look 2023

Emerging Solutions Spotlights, First Look Reports, & Case Studies

KLAS’ Emerging Solutions research focuses on a specific solution that is new to the market. First Look reports cover solutions or services that are new to KLAS’ review. Case studies look at new products from existing vendors.

Each report includes KLAS’ initial insights on customer experience and points to ponder, a company profile, and solution specifications provided by the healthcare IT company or firm.

1. athenahealth Gamify – Case Study: a cloud-based game app designed to improve employee engagement and productivity with gamification.

2. Clearway Health Pharmacy Consulting Services – First Look: services designed to help any hospital organization build and run a specialty pharmacy program.

3. Viveka Health Benefits Administration Program – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: a benefits administration solution that brings all the required functionality into one platform for payers.

4. Qventus Solutions – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: a platform that uses AI, ML, and automation to help healthcare organizations create and sustain operational improvements around patient throughput and capacity optimization.

5. Iris Telehealth Telepsychiatry Services – First Look: telepsychiatry services with care models backed by a  behavioral health medical group accredited by the Joint Commission. This backing helps to better provide timely access to quality behavioral healthcare.

6. Divurgent M&A HIT Services – First Look: healthcare IT services specifically for mergers and acquisitions; Divurgent provides resources and guidance intended to make the transition more smooth and drive financial savings.

7. Ibex Medical Analytics – First Look: a suite of AI solutions that provide algorithms that assist pathologists in identifying and grading cancer regions along with various decision support tools in digital pathology.

8. Navina – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: an AI-powered workflow solution that aims to restructure data into an intuitive portrait of a patient.

9. Nym Medical Coding Engine – Emerging Solutions Spotlight: a medical coding engine working to accurately interpret clinical language to bring automation, speed, and accuracy to the medical billing process.

10. Qualifacts InSync Behavioral Health EHR – First Look: a behavioral health EHR.

11. Relatient Dash Schedule – First Look: a scheduling solution aiming to improve scheduling for both patients and providers.

12. TigerConnect Physician Scheduling – First Look: a cloud-based scheduling solution.

13. Zocdoc – First Look: a cloud-based booking platform allowing patients to self-schedule online.

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