Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in March - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in March

In poring over the research KLAS published over the last few weeks, I found many hard-hitting insights that could be incredibly useful for providers, payers, and vendors looking to stay on top of current trends in the industry. Below, you’ll find reports on the interoperability of clinical communications, revenue cycle analytics solutions, the state of PACS solutions in Canada, and more.

Healthcare IT Insights Reports

1. Revenue Cycle Analytics 2024: Helping Revenue Cycle Leaders Harness Data to Make Informed Decisions

To comprehensively understand RCM practices and to get actionable insights, all healthcare organizations use RCM analytics solutions. Some use their EHR vendor’s offering, a third-party solution, or both. You’ll find insights on the performance of three different third-party solutions in this report.

2. Patient Self-Scheduling 2024: An Early Look at Standalone Solutions

It’s clear from KLAS’ research that patients want easier access to self-scheduling. Provider healthcare organizations are responding by offering this self-scheduling functionality. Read the research to understand more about five standalone patient self-scheduling solutions and their ease of use, why they were chosen over others, and whether they are worth the money.

3. Ambulatory Pediatric Solutions 2024: How Well Are Pediatric-Specific Vendors & Broad-Specialty Vendors Addressing Customer Needs?

Pediatric clinics’ functionality needs are only becoming more specific, and most organizations are small and have limited budgets. Many clinics are prioritizing functionalities that are important to them and forgoing others to stay on budget. Read these insights to learn how well both pediatric-specific and broad-specialty vendors are meeting the unique challenges of the pediatric market.

4. Canada PACS 2024: Market Volatility Heightens as Organizations Look to Improve Their Experience

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, KLAS has seen more than one-third of interviewed organizations in Canada start actively looking to replace their PACS. KLAS delves into the vendor performance and customer experience in this volatile Canadian market so that readers can better understand the strengths and weaknesses of their available options.

5. Data Analytics Platforms for Payers: 2024 Vendor Guide

Health plans can use this guide as a simple starting point while investigating data analytics platforms. We focused on vendors that provide a platform approach, operate across multiple US regions, and provide a variety of use cases. That includes all vendors known to KLAS as of January 2024.

6. Ambulatory EHR/PM Mindshare 2024: Which Vendors Are Seen as Poised for Market Share Growth?

Ambulatory care is a dynamic market full of continuous change as practices evaluate their EHR and PM solutions. Read this report to find out which ambulatory EHR/PM vendors have the most mindshare in potential decisions and which vendors are being considered or chosen in real decisions. KLAS spoke with over 200 ambulatory practices to collect these insights.

7. Clinical Communications Interoperability 2024: How Does Interoperability Enhance Communication among Deep Adopters?

Provider organizations want tools that enable interoperability with a diverse set of solutions. We look at the current interoperability capabilities of communication solutions through the lens of deeply adopting provider organizations and consider whether those solutions are able to break down departmental and organizational silos through enhanced integration.

8. Denials Management Services 2024: Which Firms Are Helping Overturn & Prevent Denials?

Healthcare organizations still face problems in getting reimbursed, thanks in part to large volumes of denied complex medical claims. So, to help manage the appeals process, healthcare organizations often work with denials management services firms. We recommend reading this report for more information on which firms consistently deliver in expertise, execution, and partnership.

Summit Executive Overviews

KLAS summits cover the most pressing issues facing the healthcare IT industry and gather healthcare leaders from healthcare provider organizations, healthcare IT companies, payer organizations, and government players. For the benefit of all, KLAS publishes summit executive overviews on the findings collected at these events.

Patient and Consumer Innovation Summit 2023

KLAS’ third Patient and Consumer Innovation Summit took place in November. Thought leaders from healthcare delivery organizations and healthcare IT companies came together with invited patient representatives. Take a look at the overview for highlights of KLAS’ updated patient engagement framework and best practices for patient communication and patient self-scheduling.

Emerging Insights Reports: Spotlights, First Looks, and Case Studies

KLAS’ Emerging Insights reports aim to give healthcare leaders early looks at some of the latest technology available. Emerging Company Spotlights cover brand-new companies and their early customer experience, while First Look reports cover solutions that KLAS has not yet measured.

1. Surescripts Real-Time Prescription Benefit 2024 – First Look: A solution that streamlines the prescription process by connecting prescribers with relevant information on patient insurance coverage, medication costs, and alternative medications.

2. InteliChart Patient Portal 2024 – First Look: A patient portal that offers an all-in-one patient engagement platform that fully integrates with the EHR and has automated tools like self-scheduling and integrated forms.

3. Simple Interact Front Office Automation 2024 – Emerging Company Spotlight: A front office platform called Front Office Automation. It works to improve workflows, reduce staff needs, and increase patient acquisition.

4. CareStack PMS (a Straumann Group Partner) 2024 – First Look: A consolidated dental organization management solution that provides operational, financial, and clinical tools.

5. LogicStream Health Shortage Navigator 2024 – First Look: As a solution, Shortage Navigator provides tools providers can use to be prepared for medication shortages.

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