The Keystone Summit on Enterprise Imaging - Cover

The Keystone Summit on Enterprise Imaging

Someone once said, “When great events occur, there are three types of persons manifested: First, the one who doesn’t realize that anything great is happening; second, the one who realizes something is going on but doesn’t know what it is; and third, the one behind the scenes making it all happen.”

KLAS just finished hosting the Enterprise Imaging Keystone Summit, and if I am being honest with myself, I felt as though I was in way over my head. I would definitely put myself into the second group of people described in that quote. I felt a little lost, but sure that I was witnessing something significant unfold.

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I had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and take notes on a couple of discussions between leading provider and vendor executives on what most needed to be measured and researched to move enterprise imaging forward. It was something special to witness vendors and providers alike set aside their titles and positions and come together as partners and as equals in trying to help move the industry forward.

My biggest takeaway from the conference was the feeling of urgency and opportunity that was buzzing throughout the room. I knew I was witnessing a pivotal moment, a great event that has the potential to help a lot of people in healthcare. It was incredible to watch such a purpose-driven group acknowledge the major problems to be solved, and then start work on solving them.

It seemed to me that all the right people came together in the right place and precisely the right time to hash out a solution to this complex problem; a perfect storm. Driven by the thought that if we didn’t do something about the problem, who would? If we don’t care about making Enterprise Imaging better, who will? If the brightest minds in the imaging space don’t come together and fix this, then does anybody stand a chance at it?

I know something great happened at the Keystone Summit, and while I can’t articulate to you exactly what it was, I’m looking forward to the effects that stem from it. Time will tell what will come of it, but a great event occurred.

As part of this collaborative Keystone Summit, this group worked to produce the Enterprise Imaging white paper. While I admit that much of its importance may escape me, I hope that it can provide insights to the movers and shakers who can take this information and use it. I hope our efforts will move real, necessary change within healthcare.