KLAS Reports Published in April 2023 - Cover

KLAS Reports Published in April 2023

With the rapid pace of technological advancements in healthcare, we know decision-makers need reliable information to make informed choices about their IT investments. KLAS collects and analyzes data from thousands of healthcare professionals, including clinicians, IT leaders, and executives to evaluate the performance of various IT vendors and their solutions. With each published report, KLAS aims to empower healthcare organizations to make better technology decisions. To see what is most relevant to your needs now, take a look at the reports published in April.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. Eligibility & Enrollment Services 2023

Rising healthcare costs and a challenging labor market mean that healthcare organizations need every possible dollar. One answer is eligibility and enrollment services that help uninsured patients get coverage. Read the report for insights on how well eligibility and enrollment firms perform for their clients and how they drive value.

2. Patient Financing Services 2023

It’s no secret that paying for healthcare services can be challenging for patients because of the cost of care, high deductibles, and co-pays. KLAS’ first report in this market offers insights on patient financing services firms that offer more flexible, long-term payment plans that can help generate a much-needed increase in revenue for healthcare organizations.

3. Implementation Benchmarks 2023

This comprehensive report provides valuable insights into the most common implementation challenges faced by healthcare provider organizations. You'll learn about the pitfalls to avoid when implementing new solutions. A follow-up report will focus on implementation best practices.

4. Points of Light 2023

The Points of Light project produces an annual report focusing on KLAS’ Points of Light awards. 2023’s report showcases 25 successful partnerships between payers, healthcare organizations, and healthcare IT vendors. This full report includes summaries of each case study. Each collaboration demonstrates what is possible for other healthcare organizations and payers looking to innovate in similar ways.

5. Telehealth 2023

Gain insights on the current state of telehealth in KLAS’ latest report, which provides valuable information on the factors driving purchase decisions and replacements. The report offers an in-depth analysis of the current trends across the many available options that can help healthcare providers, payers, and technology vendors glimpse the future of healthcare delivery.

6. Digital Transformation Consulting 2023

Many healthcare organizations are engaging with consulting firms to improve their capabilities with digital health, improve customer engagement, and maintain a competitive edge. This research looks at both the digital consulting firms covered in a series of First Look reports and other additional firms. This is a must-read to gain a comprehensive view of this market.

7. Patient Financial Engagement 2023

In this high-performing market, patient financial engagement vendors each have unique benefits as well as challenges. Read this research to dig into customer satisfaction with these solutions in areas like the impact on patients and functionality. This is especially useful data if you’re wondering which vendor may fit your organization’s unique needs best.

8. Capacity Optimization Management 2023

A first for KLAS, this report outlines what capacity optimization software does and provides valuable insights for healthcare organizations looking to manage their capacity more effectively. The report analyzes the experiences of healthcare organizations with capacity management solutions, including outcomes and feedback on how vendors could improve. Read the insights to learn how this technology can help with current operational limitations.

White Paper

White papers are reports that are typically published publicly that anyone can read, whether or not they are a KLAS member. White papers are typically created from KLAS events. They are also sometimes created in cases where KLAS is publishing research done in partnership with another organization or company.

1. Healthcare Cybersecurity Benchmarking Study

This study offers high-level insights on the current progress of cybersecurity preparedness in healthcare. Created in partnership with Censinet and the American Hospital Association (AHA), this new white paper is based on evaluations completed by 48 healthcare organizations of varying sizes. In particular, the report delves into how well the industry is aligned to best practices outlined by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Health Industry Cybersecurity Practices (HICP).

Arch Collaborative Impact Report

Impact reports are based on the Arch Collaborative data set and are  published for Collaborative members.

1. EHR Education Vendor and Firm Capabilities

Arch Collaborative data shows that education has a big impact on the clinician experience with the EHR. With staffing shortages and limited resources, many healthcare organizations want their vendors and service firms to help them improve available education for clinicians. This report looks at the solutions and offerings that can support organizations in this effort.

Emerging Solutions Research

Emerging solutions research provides detailed information on some of the newest vendors offering innovative solutions and services.

1. CodaMetrix Autonomous Coding

CodaMetrix offers an autonomous coding solution known as CMX that uses AI and machine learning to improve coding quality and help with manual coding processes.

2. EY Digital Transformation Consulting – First Look

EY is a consulting firm offering digital transformation work, like defining needs and developing digital road maps.

3. Rhino Health

Rhino Health is a computing and federated learning platform that gives developers of AI models the secure use of encrypted data that is behind custodian firewalls.

4. The Appian Platform for Process Automation – First Look

Apian offers a low-code platform that helps organizations develop applications and workflows without extensive coding knowledge or starting from scratch.

5. Healthfuse Revenue Cycle Vendor Management – First Look

Healthfuse offers both services and technology that help healthcare organizations manage their revenue cycle vendor partnerships to get the most from the relationship.

6. Steer Health

Steer Health has developed a patient experience and growth platform with the purpose of coordinating digital patient journeys at all stages, making for more automated and personalized digital patient experiences.

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