Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in April - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in April

This April’s lineup of reports delivers considerable healthcare insights in high-interest areas such as healthcare AI, investment priorities, enterprise imaging, and more. Notably, KLAS also released five vendor-specific ambulatory ecosystem reports. 

April also saw the publication of an Arch Collaborative impact report about empowering nurses by reducing unnecessary charting. Finally, we’re continuing to demystify the emerging technologies out there with six new emerging insights reports.

Healthcare IT Insights Reports (Segment Insights)

1. Managed IT Services 2024: Which Firms Are Best Equipped to Fill Help Desk & AMS Needs?

Healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to managed services firms for IT-related needs as expenses and staffing challenges increase. This report, which focuses on application management services and help desk services, is the first of what will be three focused reports about managed IT services.

2. Healthcare AI 2024: Use Cases Expanding to Meet New Market Needs

With the recent surge in artificial intelligence (AI) and its ability to lighten provider workloads, many healthcare organizations hope to optimize and expand their AI usage. You’ll find information about some top vendors in the AI space as well as predominant and expanding use cases in this report.

3. Global (Non-US) Healthcare IT Trends 2024: Navigating Organizational Priorities amid Labor, Budget, and Regulatory Pressures

In a follow-up to last year’s report, KLAS interviewed 200+ global healthcare organizations about their shifting priorities regarding IT investments, cloud infrastructure, and consulting engagements. (If you would like to learn more about the priorities of US-based organizations, take a look at this September 2023 report.)

4. Clinical Mobility Shared Smart Devices 2024: How Well Do Retail & Commercial-Grade Devices Meet Healthcare-Specific Needs?

Although the healthcare industry has a unique demand for smart devices that are durable, healthcare-centric, and low cost, some smart device vendors are having success in penetrating the healthcare market. This report explores smart device vendors’ ability to meet healthcare needs and, where applicable, current customer satisfaction.

5. Enterprise Imaging 2024: Vendors and Providers Driving Market Progress

The advancement of enterprise imaging (EI) is a high priority among healthcare organizations, and two-thirds of the interviewed organizations are likely to expand their VNAs or universal viewers in the next two years. Read this report to learn more about dominant EI vendors and progress in the EI market.

6. Customer Relationship Management 2024: Which Vendors Consistently Partner with Organizations & Deliver Strong Technology?

As healthcare organizations aim to enhance the patient experience, they commonly turn to customer relationship management (CRM) tools. The CRM market has seen recent growth, and some new vendors are catching up with established competitors. You’ll learn more about three predominant CRM vendors in this report.

7. Employer-Sponsored Healthcare Services 2024: A Market Impacted by Many Movements

To mitigate challenges in providing healthcare, employers are increasingly turning to firms that provide sponsored healthcare services to employees either on- or near-site. Read this report for a birds-eye view of this high-energy market that has been impacted by recent mergers and acquisitions.

Ambulatory Ecosystem Reports

When selecting a core healthcare IT system, providers must consider not only the vendor’s core EHR and PM solutions but also the wider ambulatory ecosystem. This month, KLAS published five vendor-specific reports that delve into the key IT components of each vendor’s comprehensive suite. To learn more about a particular vendor, select the corresponding report below.

1. Ambulatory Ecosystem athenahealth Complete Look 2024

2. Ambulatory Ecosystem eClinicalWorks Complete Look 2024

3. Ambulatory Ecosystem Greenway Health Complete Look 2024

4. Ambulatory Ecosystem NextGen Healthcare Complete Look 2024

5. Ambulatory Ecosystem Veradigm Complete Look 2024

Arch Collaborative Impact Reports

Impact Reports are based on a vast data set from the Arch Collaborative. This data comes directly from the feedback of hundreds of thousands of clinicians on their EHR experiences. The participating member organizations and vendors are working together to continually improve EHR satisfaction for both their employees and patients. 

Empowering Nurses to Focus on Patient Care 2024

Even four years after the onset of COVID-19, nurses are experiencing considerable stress and burnout, and these are typically exacerbated by unwieldy and ineffective charting workflows. This Arch Collaborative report provides a structured three-step process to help healthcare organizations streamline charting processes and alleviate the burden on nurses.

Emerging Insights Reports: Spotlights, First Looks, and Case Studies

Some vendors and solutions are newer to the market or are not fully rated for inclusion in other KLAS reports. Emerging Insights reports are intended to illustrate KLAS’ early findings regarding these new vendors and solutions. This month, there are six unique emerging insights reports.

1. Mytonomy Cloud for Healthcare 2024 – Emerging Company Spotlight: A patient education and engagement platform with original and tailored content to improve the patient experience

2. iMEDWAY iMedical 2024 – First Look: A China-based integrated platform that aims to store medical data and coordinate patient care

3. COPE Health Solutions Analytics for Risk Contracting (ARC) 2024 – First Look: A solution that visualizes population health data and analytics in order to deliver specific insights

4. Suki Assistant 2024 – Emerging Company Spotlight: An ambient speech solution that uses generative AI to produce clinical notes in real time

5. Abridge 2024 - Emerging Company Spotlight: Abridge applies machine learning and large language models to efficiently generate clinical and patient notes

6. Bionexo 2024 – First Look: A platform in the Brazilian market that meets provider needs by optimizing healthcare supply chains and minimizing expenses

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