Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in February - Cover

Report Roundup: KLAS Reports Published in February

As followers of KLAS well know, February saw the publication of our flagship Best in KLAS® report. At the same time, it was a great month for reports beyond Best in KLAS, with eight healthcare IT insights reports, two partnership reports, and five new emerging insights reports. Discover the research you may have missed below.

Best in KLAS Reports

Each year, KLAS celebrates the vendors who excel in delivering well for their customers across eight categories. While KLAS regularly compares the performance of vendors in segment insight reports, the Best in KLAS report is truly unique as it the only report where vendors are ranked.

The global edition of this year’s report also saw an exciting expansion of awards, with the amount of feedback in the regions allowing KLAS to break Europe into five European subregions.

1. 2024 Best in KLAS Awards – Software and Services

2. 2024 Best in KLAS Awards – Global Software

Healthcare IT Insights Reports (Segment Insights)

1. Ophthalmology 2024: Optimizing the Ophthalmology Experience through Functionality & Relationships

In this challenging financial market, ophthalmology clinics want EHR and practice management solutions that provide efficiencies, robust functionality, and ophthalmology-specific workflows. This report is a follow-up to a 2019 report, and it examines the dynamics of this market by comparing some of the leading solutions available today.

2. Extended Business Office Services 2024: How Are Provider Organizations & Firms Responding to New Market Pressures?

Outsourced extended business office services (EBOS) make sense for many organizations that are feeling intensifying pressure from increased complexity, payer relations, rising costs, and staffing shortages. Read this report for an update on client satisfaction and adoption and to learn about provider plans for outsourced revenue cycle services.

3. Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Services 2024: Organizations’ Increasing Need for Meaningful Partnerships

Ambulatory provider organizations are increasingly relying on revenue cycle management (RCM) services firms to fill resource gaps and maximize reimbursements. Learn more about the customer experience in this market with this update from 2023. Insights examine both EHR-associated and EHR-agnostic services firms and look at how well both types are meeting clients’ revenue cycle needs.

4. Global (Non-US) Patient Engagement 2024: Regional Trends and Investment Energy

Patient engagement is a key pillar of digital health and important to consider with many global healthcare organizations prioritizing investment in digital health. Read this report to learn about patient engagement priorities, adoption, and the vendors healthcare leaders are using or considering. Data is collected from healthcare leaders at 155 organizations across 39 countries and territories around the world.

5. Patient Intake Management 2024: Where Are Vendors Delivering Value?

Previous KLAS research validated that patients’ top priority with patient engagement tools is to be able to schedule appointments and check in online. Patient intake management solutions offer patients the capability to do that and more and can improve patient satisfaction. This report validates the breadth and depth of patient intake management solutions, identifies outcomes, and examines the merits of third-party and EHR solutions.

6. Healthcare Management Consulting 2024: What Firms Are Perceived as Best Suited to Address Top Challenges?

Healthcare executives frequently grapple with myriad challenges and high-stakes decisions. It makes sense, then, that many are utilizing consulting firms to enhance operations and improve long-term performance. Take a look at these findings to learn more about healthcare executives’ perceptions around which challenges are most pressing, what factors should be used to evaluate firms, and which firms are seen as most helpful.

7. Middle East & Africa EHR 2024: A Look into Vendors’ Broader Portfolios

For the last five years, the healthcare IT markets in the Middle East and Africa have expanded and continued to evolve. The Middle East in particular sees consistent energy around EHR investment and digital transformation. This is a must-read report to get KLAS’ first holistic look as EHR vendors’ broader portfolios in these regions and an update on EHR vendor performance and market share.

8. Home Health 2024: Which Vendors Are Providing Innovation & Value in a Shifting Market?

Mergers and acquisitions, fluctuating regulatory requirements, and workforce shifts have forced the home health market to undergo extensive changes. But all the changes have impacted customers as frustration has increased. Find out which home health vendors are best meeting provider needs and driving value for customers through the data in this report.

Partnership Reports

1. Healthcare Cybersecurity Benchmarking Study 2024: Improving Cybersecurity Preparedness through NIST CSF & HICP Best Practices

Get an update on the status of healthcare cybersecurity preparedness in this partnership report from Censinet, KLAS, the American Hospital Association, Health-ISAC, and the Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council. The insights in this report also examine the effect of governance and resource investment on cybersecurity preparedness and insurance premiums.

2. How Health Systems Are Navigating the Complexities of AI

Done in partnership with the Center for Connect Medicine at UPMC, we spoke with nearly three dozen healthcare executives to find out more about how they are navigating AI. Read the report to learn how these healthcare leaders are tackling the challenges of governance and data security while embracing innovative AI solutions. 

Emerging Insights: Spotlights, First & Second Looks, and Case Studies

Newer companies and solutions often do not have the number of customers to be fully rated per KLAS’ methodology. However, healthcare providers still ask for and need insights into the performance of these newer options. KLAS’ Emerging Insights reports aim to answer these requests with early data from customers. (This recent article describes each report type in more detail.)

1. CitiusTech 2024 – First Look: Data and analytics services that help both payers and provider organizations modernize.

2. Vital ERAdvisor 2024 – Emerging Company Spotlight: Personalized tools and updates from check-in onward that help improve patient experience throughout the emergency department.

3. Apprio 2024 – Case Study: Automation bots that help decrease costs and improve patient and employee satisfaction.

4. TeamBuilder 2024 – Case Study: A solution built for ambulatory facilities intended to alleviate organizational pain points around staff scheduling by assessing day-to-day needs and offering predictive staff scheduling.

5. Vodafone Egypt 2024 – Case Study: Services to help healthcare organizations adopt and maintain digital workflows, provided through university hospitals in Egypt. Especially outside of the US, many organizations still rely on paper records.

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