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KLAS Reports Published in July

With any KLAS report, we aim to provide deep insights into the various landscapes of healthcare IT. To get this hard-to-find data, our researchers talk to thousands of healthcare professionals who are currently working in healthcare organizations across the globe.

July saw the publication of a variety of heavy-hitting topics, including telehealth, healthcare IoT security, and complete looks at five of healthcare IT’s biggest EHR vendors.

Healthcare IT Market Reports

1. Telehealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Ecosystem 2023

Learn about the latest developments in telehealth and RPM. This research provides an in-depth examination of the telehealth and RPM technology ecosystem, focusing on the breadth and depth of adoption by provider organization customers as reported by vendors. This information can help providers understand the current landscape, identify potential opportunities, and make informed decisions about implementing or expanding their telehealth and RPM solutions.

2. Healthcare IoT Security 2023

If you’re looking to enhance your patient care while ensuring data security and patient safety, this report will help you gain valuable insights into the current healthcare IoT security market. The report focuses on vendor performance and strategies amid the increasing security risks posed by the growing number of devices connected to healthcare networks. It also offers early insights into how vendors are meeting the needs of deep adopters.

 3. Pediatrics 2023

Look at feedback from 57 organizations using pediatric EHR/PM systems. See their perspectives of staffing shortages, the most effective technology, and any desired future developments. This is a useful view to have in a time when many pediatric organizations are simplifying their IT approach to improve patient care and efficiency, often by consolidating their technology to fewer vendors. A follow-up report is also planned to assess the performance of pediatric EHR/PM vendors in this market.

4. Patient Engagement Ecosystem 2023

An update to 2021’s report, this data helps readers understand more about the trends in patient engagement technology. Use it as a guide for decision-making when it comes to patient engagement technology, which is becoming increasingly important for reducing costs, managing staffing challenges, and consolidating technology. Inside you will find which vendors report the most comprehensive capabilities and which have made progress over the last two years. This study is mostly based on vendor-reported information, mixed with KLAS performance data.

5. Ambulatory Revenue Cycle Management Services 2023

This new report is a must-read for healthcare providers navigating the complex landscape of payer claims, shrinking charges, and increasing patient financial responsibilities amid other internal challenges. The insights, based on interviews with 61 primary and specialty care clinics, provide valuable information on the perceptions around outsourced revenue cycle management (RCM) services and what deficiencies still exist in the market.

6. Patient Privacy Monitoring 2023

Discover the crucial role of patient privacy monitoring solutions in safeguarding patient data and maintaining confidentiality in healthcare organizations. This report delves into the exciting changes in the market, including numerous acquisitions and the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) offerings by vendors. Get a sneak peek into how these developments are shaping customer satisfaction and the early results of AI's impact on outcomes.

Complete Look Reports

These reports are case studies focusing on individual vendors’ delivery across a variety of key technology areas. These provide high-level analysis of the IT components that make up each vendor’s comprehensive suite.

  1. Altera Digital Health (Allscripts) Complete Look 2023
  2. Epic Complete Look 2023
  3. Evident Complete Look 2023
  4. MEDITECH Complete Look 2023
  5. Oracle Health (Cerner) Complete Look 2023

White Papers

KLAS white papers are provided as free resources for the healthcare IT market. They present comprehensive overviews of the insights from KLAS events and in-depth research on specific challenges. In July we published learnings from KLAS’ payer provider summit, the K2 Collaborative Summit, and on specific firm and vendor capabilities as part of Arch Collaborative research.

1. K2 Collaborative Summit 2023 White Paper

When payer and healthcare organizations form collaborative, trusting partnerships, everyone wins. Over the last few years, KLAS has seen collaborations between payers, providers, and technology vendors yield outcomes that are meaningful to all parties. This white paper is based on the findings from KLAS’ third annual K2 Collaborative Summit in May 2023.

2. Firm & Vendor Capabilities for Clinician EHR Efficiency – Arch Collaborative

While EHR efficiency is of the most impactful factors to the clinician EHR experience, it is still one of the metrics with which clinical staff are least satisfied. Healthcare organizations are looking to services firms and software vendors to help drive efficiency and improve their EHR experience. Explore this white paper to see how service firms and software vendors can support these goals.

Arch Collaborative Impact Report

Members of the Arch Collaborative get access to reports, case studies, exclusive member events, and other collaborative members to help them with EHR improvement strategy.

EHR Education Software and Services

We recently asked healthcare IT companies to share details about their software and services that can help healthcare organizations enhance their EHR training for clinicians. KLAS then interviewed 75 healthcare organizations to verify the effectiveness of these products and to offer advice to others looking to improve their EHR training programs. Read the report to get the validated overview of each company.

Emerging Solutions Spotlights, First Look Reports, & Case Studies

An overwhelming number of innovative solutions are available in healthcare. KLAS aids healthcare professionals in identifying potential solutions of interest by conducting preliminary research on these companies. 

Spotlight reports focus on new market entrants, while First Looks delve into companies and solutions that have been in existence for a while but are being examined by KLAS for the first time. Each report provides a comprehensive overview of the vendor's customer experience, key considerations, a company profile, and technical details.

1. Brightwork Health IT: provides services to help organizations with staff augmentation, infrastructure modernization, revenue cycle enhancement, and Epic implementations.

2. MedSitter: a virtual patient observation solution.

Flash Insights Report

Flash Insight reports are high-level reports on significant happenings in the industry, such as a major acquisition or a major change in policy. Data for these is collected very quickly and the resulting report does not have as deep of an analysis as a standard market report.

Imprivata and Zebra Technologies Flash Insights 2023

The rise in hospitals' use of shared smart devices presents several challenges. Imprivata and Zebra Technologies' partnership aims to address these issues by integrating Imprivata’s GroundControl solution with Zebra’s device fleet. KLAS's data on these separate solutions provides insight into potential benefits and obstacles. Read the report to understand why this integrated solution could be beneficial for healthcare organizations.

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