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Allscripts's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Various COVID-19 resources

Telehealth solutions, real-time dashboards, daily results reporting, hospital capacity planning, and other resources related to COVID-19

Allscripts EHR clients have been responding to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our EHR platforms are flexible and clients have deployed screening, surveillance, reporting, clinical decision support, and telehealth integration from Singapore to New York City.

Allscripts areas of focus include:

  • Delivering telehealth solutions for both physician practices and hospitals and health systems as well as virtual health solutions to mitigate the need for physical patient visits.
  • Providing real-time dashboards for Patients Under Investigation, confirmed patients, ventilator use, and high-risk patients.
  • Supporting daily results reporting and hospital capacity planning.
  • Providing the COVID-19 Transitions of Care (“TOC”) Hub as an educational resource to share current learnings, latest trends, and best practices for safe and effective transitions for COVID-19 patients across the healthcare system.
  • Offering weekly check-ins with clients, regular updates through collaborative platforms, and easy access to Help Desk and Staff Augmentation resources.
  • Collaborating with the CDC to review COVID-19-related data it wishes to receive from EHR vendors.

Care Director

Allscripts® Care Director is a solution that helps organizations coordinate outpatient care across the continuum. To assist in the screening for COVID-19, an assessment tool was built within the solution to help identify COVID-19 candidates at various risk levels. Additionally, COVID-19 Care Plan tool help care navigators to construct problem, goals and interventions and manage the high-risk patients. Care Director has built-in interface solutions that support tracking of Covid19 test results and notify care director users to enable them to prioritize and manage high risk COVID-19 patients.


Using the aggregated data set and point of care integration, dbMotion has provided three capabilities all currently in production:

  • Organizational COVID-19 dashboards across the client’s connected ecosystem tracking:
    • Total Patients tested, and day over day change
    • Confirmed Patients, and day over day change
    • New Cases, and day over day change
    • Converted Negative, and day over day change
    • Currently hospitalized
    • COVID-19 High Risk Patients
    • Geographic breakdown
    • Gender\Age comparison
    • Related Clinical Presentation (cough, ache, fever, etc.)
    • Healthy High Risk Patients
  • Point of care indicators
    • Notifications of COVID-19 positive, negative, and awaiting test results
    • Multiple access methods for all points of care
  • Data Extracts for state and organizational report

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