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Improving the EHR Experience - Rush University Medical Center

Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2020

Created in partnership with Rush University Medical Center (IDN)

Starting from the 63rd percentile in the Collaborative in 2017, Rush Health was to implement a plan that would lead to dramatic improvement. Today, Rush Health sits at the 93rd percentile of all Collaborative members. They got there by developing a team of practicing physician informaticists across core clinical areas, implementing a dedicated team for provider support, and making a campaign to improve the EHR experience at ambulatory clinics. Additionally, they focused their teams and efforts on technology enhancements and redesigns. Above all, Rush Health worked to improve how they communicated with providers. In this session, Jordan Dale and Meeta Shah outline how they built their team of physician informaticists, what their dedicated Provider Optimization and Experience Team (POET) focuses on, and how the RESET program spends two weeks embedded in clinics to drive EHR satisfaction and teamwork for the clinical team.

Publish Date: 10/26/2020

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