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Operationalizing the Arch Collaborative - OrthoVirginia

Arch Collaborative Learning Summit 2020

Created in partnership with OrthoVirginia

Last year, OrthoVirginia presented to the Collaborative because they were able to dramatically improve their orthopedic surgeons’ satisfaction with the EHR. This year, physician satisfaction has climbed even higher, making OrthoVirginia’s surgeons some of the happiest doctors in the Collaborative. However, in focusing on the physician experience, PT and OT satisfaction remained stagnant. Utilizing the Arch Collaborative survey data, OrthoVirginia has been able to show the return on investment and implement changes for PT and OT that have already yielded some success. This session focuses on how Cap Eschenroeder and Jonathan Moquin use the Arch Collaborative as an inspiration for change and how the data is used to build a team and a larger coalition dedicated to improving the EHR experience for all end users.

Publish Date: 10/26/2020

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