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Selecting the Right Healthcare IT Staffing Firm

Every single health system utilizes staffing; this ask isn't unique to larger or smaller health systems. From providing trainers, to implementing solutions, to covering staffing gaps, there is definitely a lot of work to be done in this segment. However, the main goal of hiring a healthcare IT staffing firm, no matter how complex the project, is always to achieve desired outcomes and drive value.

Implementations are slowing down from what we have seen at KLAS. In many instances, health systems have already done two or three iterations of an implementation. At this point, many organizations are feeling confident in being able to lead in this type of engagement. So when it comes to using a staffing firm, health systems are looking at filling the gap in particular areas. Although it may not be the most glamorous, staffing is becoming increasingly more pertinent.

The healthcare IT staffing market is a really high-performing market on the whole. KLAS’ new HIT Staffing 2021 report delves deeper into which firms can do what.
Why the Staffing Firm You Choose Matters

Picking the right staffing firm in such a high-performing market is key to getting the results your organization needs. Depending on the size and scope of your project, there may be firms that are more niche in their focus. Some smaller firms also may not have the depth or breadth to do everything you want.

speed and matching of resources

At the top of your priority list should be making sure that your resources are a good fit. If you pick the wrong staffing firm, they may not have the experience that you're looking for. You may not always be looking for the most experience, per se; there are staffing firms that will place people with no experience, train them, and then let you hire them. But you are looking for what your organization needs.

It almost goes without saying that picking the right firm based on your needs is super important. If you pick the right firm that can help you place the right resources the first time, you are going to have less turnover. In the report, we cover how often resources had to be replaced. This chart does come with a disclaimer because of the amount of limited data, but there is a correlation between rarely having to replace resources and client satisfaction.

How the Market May Evolve

As the market for healthcare IT staffing evolves, there is definitely space to bring technology into play. At some point down the line, a technology component that can help better identify resources could be a game changer in staffing. We are starting to see some examples of that now. For instance, rather than give you 40 resumes, a staffing firm could put in place a process to cut that down to 2 or 3. That approach really hits well.

Aside from technology, there are also opportunities for firms to share best practices to provide additional value for their customers.

Identifying the Best Options

A lot of firms are offering healthcare IT staffing in the market. In total, there are around 35 firms in the report, making it one of the KLAS reports with the most companies highlighted. If you are trying to select a staffing firm, you could easily get overwhelmed just trying to narrow down your list.

We’ve done the legwork here to hopefully get you past that point in your vendor selection process. The report presents a good market overview that really delves into each firm’s area of focus. This report helps you identify which firms best align with what you are trying to accomplish and who can help you drive outcomes the most effectively. To learn more about the specific vendors and to learn about their performance, please check out the report.

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