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Alcidion Corporation Inc's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Miya Precision
Dashboard and mobile solution for tracking and monitoring patients

An open standards-based platform that leverages Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to overcome interoperability issues.

  • Home and Hospital Monitoring: We have developed a dashboard and mobile solution. They will display risk based on relevant criteria for all test results, COVID-19 results, time since diagnosis, location, isolation status, active problems, action plans, and other triage considerations. Patients will enter data in the mobile solution and will receive in-context reminders as well as quick access to call or video.
  • Hospital at a Glance (HaaG): We have worked with our clients to use the HaaG capability to provide them with heightened visibility of patients to track. It illustrates the beds accommodating patients of interest with a red glow frame. This alert is set by staff managing the care of the patient and is visible to all clinicians across the hospital.

Patientrack COVID-19 Assessments
Clinical documentation support for patient observations and clinical assessments

A highly configurable solution that supports clinical documentation such as observations and clinical assessments.

  • UK: A Patientrack assessment can be recorded for every patient to identify those patients suspected or confirmed. They will record that the swab has been sent to labs and additional screening has been considered. This resulting data will be used by the Trust Command Centre to identify and monitor.
  • NZ: We have published the NZ Ministry of Health COVID screening assessment configured as a Patientrack assessment.

Smartpage Clinical Communication
Secure clinician-to-clinician communication

The Smartpage solution enhances communication between clinicians in a safe and secure environment.

  • NZ: In response to COVID-19, one of our New Zealand DHBs is speeding up the rollout of Smartpage to other clinical areas and registrars as it is seen as a more effective means of communication.

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