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AZOVA's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Telehealth grant programs
Grant programs for telehealth marketplaces for state medical associations, hospital associations, and pharmacy associations

AZOVA is helping practices to keep seeing their patients in the cloud and safely in their offices through our innovative solutions. AZOVA has created a grant program for all state medical associations, pharmacy associations, and hospital associations. The grant program is threefold:

  • For State Medical Associations: AZOVA has granted a custom telehealth marketplace for each state medical association which includes a free video-visit telemedicine clinic for each provider in each state, free secure messaging, ePrescribing, and a listing in the state marketplace. In addition, each provider gets a custom webpage for their own practice or business to link to their own website where patients can access the video-visit clinic. AZOVA is providing all of this at NO COST to the provider or the association. AZOVA does keep a technology fee of $18 per encounter to support the platform and our staff members who are working around the clock to support this program. You can bill insurance or charge any cash rate you desire for your telemedicine services. Patients can choose their state and access any provider in their state here.
    • If your providers prefer an option that does NOT have a technology fee: AZOVA has created a specially discounted enterprise license which includes the video-visit clinic for each provider’s website AND an “in car check-in” clinic that enables your providers to keep their practices open during this crisis. The in car check-in is a custom web link that providers can email or text to their patients and post outside of their office door. Patients check in on their phones from their car. Your staff member is notified and can then message the patient when it is time for the patient to come in. No patients will EVER wait in your lobby with this system. This program is $50/mo/provider (regularly $199/mo). To get this offer, please have your providers enroll in your marketplace; AZOVA will send them a link to onboard to the $50 program.
  • For Hospitals: AZOVA has created a grant program for all state hospital associations and their hospitals. This program enables each hospital or hospital system to self-onboard and receive a listing in the national hospital locator and also includes an integrated online video-visit coronavirus triage clinic. If the patient feels that they are sick enough, they can search the hospital locator and register for an online coronavirus video-visit triage assessment. The hospital providers or staff receive the assessment, get on a video call if warranted, and direct the patient’s care. This way, patients do NOT present themselves to your facility unless absolutely necessary, and your providers and staff are protected.
  • For Pharmacy Associations: AZOVA has created a grant program for all state pharmacy associations providing a custom marketplace for pharmacy networks. Your pharmacies can register to offer pharmacy-based coronavirus triage assessments, and pharmacies can be enabled for telemedicine (telepharmacy) with video-visit, telephone-visit, and secure messaging–visit coronavirus assessment and triage services. Patients can register for coronavirus-related services through the national pharmacy network here. This program is offered at $1/month for all pharmacies to set up. AZOVA does keep a $4 technology fee per patient encounter to support our platform and staff members who are supporting this program around the clock.

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