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CareCentra's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Risk management AI program that helps manage clinical risks of coronavirus and demands of social distancing

CareCentra’s patient engagement platform, MoBe, supported by two randomized clinical trials with Intermountain Health, works by building a user’s MoBe Map, or their unique/individual motivation to change their health behaviors, and their ability to do so. Its AI engine then generates precision nudges (a combination of content, frequency, channel, and incentive) designed for that individual patient, persuading them to act in ways they are both motivated and able to act in. Where available, the system considers the social determinants of health information for the user’s zip code where available. Using this engine, we have built COVIDCENTRAL: a COVID-19 Risk Management Program that helps manage both clinical risks of a coronavirus infection and the stress and demands of social distancing with a holistic approach for pre- and post-diagnosis.

After the initial symptom check, the program delivers risk mitigation protocols while informing your patients of both the nature of COVID-19 risks and the relevant resources they could leverage in their vicinity. It also prompts tiny actions based on the user’s unique MoBe Map to manage physical activity, diet, and stress during social distancing while only escalating exceptions to your named help desk if there is one.

Patients are enrolled through a single SMS message from your system that contains a link to download CareCentra’s nudging app. Once downloaded, patients provide basic information, such as age, gender, and zip code, to begin their customized care journeys. The AI that powers the app will then begin nudging them based on goals they prioritize, such as:

  • Understanding and practicing social distancing
  • Staying physically active while working from home
  • Eating healthy while staying home (including managing risk enhancers like diabetes)
  • Managing stress from social distancing
  • Staying informed on COVID-19 progression and risk handling
  • Handling the risk of infection in the environment

A user’s experience gets more personalized with time since the AI uses reinforcement learning to increase the accuracy of their MoBe Maps. Users will also be linked via a social community on Instagram which allows users to exchange notes and tips on managing risk at this difficult time. As an omnichannel offering, the platform can also integrate with your own patient app and nudge via text messaging as needed.

The COVIDCENTRAL program seeks to reduce utilization of scarce resources while providing validated guidance to patients. CareCentra offers to demonstrate their capabilities through this unique precision nudging platform to support your system’s efforts during this challenging time.

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