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CyberMDX's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Free Cyber Protection for Clinical Networks
Secure all of your healthcare assets

CyberMDX is offering healthcare delivery organizations its cybersecurity solution and services free of charge during these challenging times to accelerate the detection, prioritization, and response to security threats. We understand the current pressure and the shortage of staff at hospitals, yet we know that cybersecurity concerns can’t be neglected. CyberMDX is offering hospitals a free turnkey solution that delivers end-to-end value with minimum effort. Our network agentless solution (installed remotely and on a VM) delivers:

  • A way to rapidly onboard new medical devices and clinical assets. Avoid network and security errors while locating and mapping devices
  • Live 360° assets and network discovery—medical devices, IoT, OT—managed and unmanaged alike
  • Risk scoring and actionable remediation. The solution enhances decision-making based on a matrix of risk factors (i.e., patient safety, CVSS score, FDA recalls)
  • Anomaly and malicious activity detection—cover both known and unknown attacks
  • Incident response support—Severity classification (sanction\contain\restore a device)
  • The ability to reduce the hackers’ attack surface and increase network policy enforcement. Enforce network segmentation by leveraging current infrastructure (firewalls, NACs, IDPS, etc.)
  • Customized security governance and policy engine monitoring. Define and track your use cases and receive alerts to your email/SIEM/mobile
cybermdx protection for clinical networks machine control panel

In addition, CyberMDX is offering free healthcare cyberconsulting with access to our research lab staff and cyber analysts with expertise in:

  • Remote connection solutions secure implementation (telehealth, VPN, etc.)
  • Concise risk assessment and remediation plan for unmanaged devices
  • Vulnerabilities and risk hunting for unmanaged devices
  • Medical devices security best practices and implementation

Live inventory
Maximize onboarding, availability, and visibility of medical devices

As part of the worldwide battle against COVID-19, CyberMDX is offering our technology to hospitals free of charge during these challenging times to help maximize availability and visibility of key medical devices specifically by automatically identifying medical device location, availability, and usage to help reduce patient time to treatment or diagnosis.

CyberMDX enables hospital staff members, clinical engineers, and maintenance teams to streamline medical equipment management for a wide range of devices, such as ventilators, X-ray machines, CT scanners, infusion pumps, and more.

Our technology provides real-time identification of device usage and location to help with efficient resource allocation between the hospital departments.

Common use cases:

  • Live inventory involving critical clinical asset discovery with deep classification (vendor, model, serial, etc.)
  • Device location
  • Real-time device usage (i.e., underutilized device detection, repositioned, or patient rerouted)
  • Detection of misconfigurations, connectivity issues, troubleshooting, and predictive maintenance (e.g., a medical device with a misconfigured clock)
  • Quick onboarding of new devices, troubleshooting network errors, and locating them even without RFID
  • Centralized views across multiple locations allowing for improved load balancing of assets (e.g., ensuring that DICOM traffic is distributed efficiently between the PACS servers)
  • Internal policy monitoring of organizational requirements and regulations (e.g., MDS2 forms, ePHI tracking, FDA recalls) with alert notifications (e.g., email, SIEM, SMS)
cybermdx live inventory ultrasound

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