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DrDoctor's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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DrDoctor Patient Engagement Platform improves the quality, value, and timeliness of every interaction between hospitals and patients, by moving care online and automating routine tasks

DrDoctor’s Recovery Programme helps NHS Trusts solve their appointment backlog issues. Risks associated to delayed treatment is managed and care that is timely and reliable is delivered to every patient.

The Recovery Programme is based on 6 phases:

  1. Immediate Response - DrDoctor’s Broadcast Messaging enables the NHS to broadcast national advice, deliver vital updates to staff and volunteers, and inform large patient cohorts of cancellations to non-essential care.
  2. Remote Care - Remote Requests give patients the ability to easily request a remote appointment which is essential when transitioning to mixed remote and in-person clinics. In addition, our Video Consultations provide an easy to use platform, with appointment links contained within SMS and email reminder messages. Clinicians view mixed clinics in one place enabling them to provide care in a timely and efficient manner.
  3. Risk Mitigation - Some patients still need to attend hospital for face-to-face appointments. COVID-19 Symptom Checker enables pre-appointment confirmation of patients not showing any signs of the virus.
  4. Scheduling the backlog - Waitlist Management enables the identification and removal of patients who no longer need or expect treatment. Additionally, Patient Led Booking automates the booking process notifying patients when it is time to book their appointments and enabling them to choose their appointment time. Implementing See-me-sooner alongside helps maximise clinic capacity by automatically offering late notice cancelled appointments to other patients who want to be seen sooner.
  5. Demand Management - Digital forms can be used alongside our other tools enabling Trusts to create flexible triaging solutions for new and follow-up appointments, helping to tackle demand and capacity.
  6. The New Normal - By collaborating with other members of the healthcare technology community and deploying a combination of DrDoctor tools and features, you can build a new, data driven, value-based healthcare system with patients as the driving force.

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