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Enli's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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COVID-19 Care Coordinator
Solution for risk stratifying patients and supporting CDS and care coordination

Enli COVID-19 Care Coordinator (eC3) is a patient management program available in the Central Worklist care coordination application. eC3 helps healthcare delivery organizations and healthcare payers identify, manage, and monitor patients under investigation or diagnosed with COVID-19.

What Are Its Key Features?

  • Leverages Enli’s cloud-based Central Worklist application with COVID-19-specific configuration.
  • Translates current CDC and WHO guidance on self-isolation at home into care team decision support.
  • Allows clinical users to assess symptomatic and high-risk individuals to determine whether self-isolation is safe and practical.
  • Facilitates periodic care coordination check-in calls to detect symptomatic deterioration and possible need for in-person care.
  • Incorporates CDC and WHO guidance regarding when to discharge patients from self-isolation.
  • Supports importing patient lists from any data source and supports manual data entry.
  • Supports exporting data to systems of record, including analytics platforms, EMRs, and payer care management applications.

What Is Required to Coordinate Care for a Patient with a Suspected COVID-19 Diagnosis?

According to users, there are four primary technology requirements to enable a COVID-19 program:

  • Care coordination entities need a user-friendly tool to guide screening and decision support consistent with CDC and WHO guidelines and medical evidence.
  • Care coordination managers must enable lightly trained care coordination and auxiliary staff to assess the right path to care, before during and after testing.
  • Care coordinators need to onboard individuals before they present at the hospital or clinic and are set up in the EMR, and to monitor them at home until they can be brought into the health system.
  • IT system leaders need the ability to export data to additional systems of record, including EMRs, care management platforms, and immunization registries.

Who Are the Users?

Primary users of eC3 are responsible for onboarding patients with a positive or suspected diagnosis for COVID-19. Additional members of the care team include health coaches and care managers responsible for overseeing and monitoring patient progress through the care management program, including risk stratification, counseling, intervention, triage-to-care delivery, and program completion.

How Is eC3 Being Used?

Powered by Enli Central Worklist, Enli’s COVID-19 care coordination solution risk stratifies patients with suspected or confirmed diagnoses and provides a complete patient profile in a single view, including demographics, comorbidities, social determinants, and patient progress though each stage of the CDC-developed care management protocols. Care coordinators have access to COVID-19 program tasks, alerts, reminders, and the capability to communicate with the patient via text messaging.

The primary jobs that care teams are faced with and are able to solve with eC3 include the following:

  • Import and organize COVID-19 patients.
  • Risk stratify and triage suspected and confirmed cases.
  • Monitor and coordinate care as patients progress through the program.

When Will eC3 Be Available?

The solution is available today and live at provider organizations in 14 states. Depending on integration requirements, the go-live can be accomplished in less than 2 hours. Updates occur daily in alignment with evolving CDC and WHO guidelines and customer feedback.

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