ER Express



ER Express's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Emergency & urgent care
Queuing technology that helps ERs, urgent care facilities, and walk-in facilities preserve social distancing

ER Express supports acute care facilities (ER, urgent care, walk-in care) with queuing technology that preserves social distancing, including:

  • Online virtual waiting room or text to join waiting list (wait from home, in your car, etc.)
  • Text-based wait time and treatment time patient notifications
  • Pre-screening questionnaires and interactive chat bot that can give patients instructions, answer questions, and direct them to virtual care or PCP
  • Patient referrals electronically from local PCPs, telehealth, etc. (for ED only, these are pre-screened patients whose provider ordered a test)

We are currently waiving our fees for 90-days with no obligation.