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FairWarning's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient Privacy Intelligence
Prebuilt and customizable analytics to streamline tracking and protection of COVID-19 patient data

Effective on March 19, FairWarning has added new features to its Patient Privacy Intelligence solution to help healthcare providers monitor access to COVID-19 patient records. The solution’s core monitoring analytics and AI detection are already effective in addressing privacy concerns associated with COVID-19 by finding anomalies in access to specific patients, people accessing patients outside of their normal workflow, and VIP patient record access. But with these additions to the FairWarning application, the process is even more powerful.

These new features, developed in conjunction with our customers, help providers identify COVID-19 patients and associated record access and include a set of prebuilt analytics and reports designed to monitor for anomalies and patterns associated with those patients. FairWarning offers multiple ways to identify the relevant patients to accommodate the variation between health system capabilities and situations.

FairWarning will continue to introduce new features and enhancements to meet the needs of healthcare providers as the impact of COVID-19 grows and shifts. For instance, we are working with EHR vendors to build COVID-19 diagnosis codes into our data definition guide to allow for even more granularity and accuracy of monitoring while automating the entire process.

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