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Epion Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Epion PreVisit

Patient intake solution allowing patients to check in using their own mobile devices with COVID-19 screening built in

Epion Health is a leader in patient engagement specializing in mobile check-in solutions. Patients digitally complete registration, consent, and clinical-intake forms and make payments. Epion Health has responded swiftly with the following remedies to help providers effectively deliver healthcare in the midst of COVID-19:

  • At-home check-in: PreVisit allows patients to complete essential check-in steps needed before a telehealth or physical office visit. This offer is available to any account not currently using PreVisit.
  • Redox COVID-19 campaign vendor. Epion Health will be one of the participating vendors joining an effort led by Redox to offer a suite of technologies
  • Telehealth integrations. PreVisit’s functionality is compatible with telehealth solutions that use the native PM calendar functionality.
  • New COVID-19-specific patient text messages. This new feature helps providers triage by communicating to patients how to get the healthcare they need in light of COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 screening questions. Epion Health offers multiple ways to screen patients for the Coronavirus. Epion Health has provided their clients with specific instructions on how to implement these questions and include them in the check-in process.
  • iPad cleaning instructions. Many of Epion Health’s customers use iPads for in-office check-in. Epion Health has released instructions on how to properly clean iPads between uses, keeping staff and patients safe.
  • Epion Health COVID-19 Task Force: A team focused on supporting our customers and the greater healthcare community.

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