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iProcedures's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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iPro Connect

Stand-alone, or embedded secure communication tool

iPro Connect

iPro Connect is a secure communication tool enabling virtual visits and virtual meetings that can be used as a standalone system or embedded within iProcedures’ existing modules. This tool can be fully integrated into an existing EHR and will help to significantly reduce non-essential traffic. When used with mobile devices it eliminates the need for expensive fixed workstations, which also present a risk of cross contamination.

Provider to Patient – Virtual Visit

iPro Connect is an easy way for the clinical staff to consult with a patient for pre-admission testing through a real-time video visit. This patient-focused experience is available from anywhere. In addition to the cost savings and reduction of risks of exposure, it also helps enhance readiness and minimize delays, which drives an efficient practice. iPro Connect will help improve patient satisfaction and provider workflow.

Family Engagement

iPro Connect offers easy and secure communication with the family of a patient to remotely obtain consents or in pediatric cases in the NICU, PICU, or Peds floors to keep in touch with the parents. This system also allows the patient’s family to avoid the inconvenience and frustration of being stuck in the waiting area because the care provider can reach them anywhere with status updates for the case. These can be automated based on the movement of a patient (e.g. to PACU) or personalized messages from the care provider. When the patient’s family cannot visit in-person the system offers private video conferencing for patient to family communication.

Provider to Provider

iPro Connect offers the ability to communicate with colleagues in the healthcare setting by enabling video conferencing from anywhere without the need to locate the other person or don protective equipment. Care providers can quickly and easily consult with colleagues about difficult procedures, supervise cases from anywhere, and facilitate information sharing in academic institutions.

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Best in KLAS Awards

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