Ambra's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient Imaging Portal
Eliminate the need for hard copies of images and allow for the diagnosing of images through a remote PACS

Patient imaging portal: We eliminate the distribution of CDs, and that cuts infection risk. We are doing this independently and via integration with EMR patient portals and referring physician portals.

Cloud PACS: We provide clinicians access to imaging via a cloud PACS. This will be very important for physicians who do triaging for oncology but who also need to stay at home or out of the hospital to the greatest extent possible.

Cloud network for image analysis: We could connect to all application entry titles for CT and lung ultrasounds emerging as a lung function diagnostic tool in order to help rapid triage for decisions about ventilators based on lung function. We are exploring with an AI company for this deployment. If nurses and ER doctors are going to have to make those choices in the ER, then they will need help if they are not trained in imaging.

Research consortium/registry: We have created research registries in the UK and Brazil. There is an easy upload of imaging to a national research database.

Telehealth for imaging
Eliminate the need for hard copies of images and allow for the diagnosing of images through a remote PACS

Healthcare institutions today are facing an urgent need to expand telehealth offerings in order to adapt to the changing healthcare landscape. Ambra Health is proud to offer our solutions to providers or facilities needing to implement telehealth workflows.

Three Ways Your Facility Can Go Virtual:

ambra telehealth for imaging telehealth screen
  • Image Intake and Remote Consultation: Ambra’s ImageShare technology, web-based viewer, and enhanced tooling enable patients to upload images and receive virtual care from physicians.
    • Study intake:
      • Allow patients to submit imaging from the comfort and safety of their home with ImageShare pages powered by Ambra’s web based uploader.
      • ImageShare pages are fully customizable and can be published on your institution’s website, emailed to your patient population, or sent directly to patients.
      • Sending sites can also submit imaging using ImageShare pages. If they don’t have an Ambra Gateway, they can simply download studies from PACS and upload via your ImageShare page for a fully hands-free imaging workflow.
    • Review:
      • Once the imaging has been reviewed, your physicians can use Ambra’s Meetings feature to send virtual meeting links to patients and review imaging results. The meetings feature can also be used to collaborate with colleagues, as explained below.
  • Teleradiology: Ambra Health enables various teleradiology workflows for community hospitals and health systems.
    • Enable your physicians to conduct diagnostic reads and complete radiology reports using Ambra’s web-based FDA 510k cleared diagnostic viewer and reporting module.
    • Utilize Ambra’s Meetings feature to send meeting links to colleagues to collaborate and review imaging.
    • Allow highly impacted sites to send studies to your facility for diagnostic reads. Outside sites can send studies using the web uploader or the Ambra Gateway. You can then send imaging and reports back via the Ambra Gateway or ad-hoc sharing.
  • Image Sharing: Eliminate in-person contact required to burn, mail, and deliver CDs by sharing studies with web-based solutions.
    • Implement hands-free imaging delivery using ad-hoc web sharing or image-enabled patient portals.
    • Patients can view, download, and share their diagnostic imaging and reports.
    • Ambra’s ad-hoc sharing tools are available to all customers.

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