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Cantata Health's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Optimum Clinicals
Alerts and visibility for screening and monitoring patient populations

Cantata Health is dedicated to assisting you in the screening and monitoring of your patient population as COVID-19 continues to affect our communities. Our configurable EHR platform ensures your organization puts patients first to meet care objectives and give your staff members more visibility into their patients’ overall health.

Optimum Clinicals Effective Alerts for COVID-19

Our Clinical Alerts tool can aid your clinicians in providing visual representation of patients who may be experiencing factors related to COVID-19. These real-time alerts may be defined based on the following:

  • Vitals/Symptoms
  • Abnormal Labs
  • Diagnosis Codes

These alerts assist with identifying early indicators and provide messaging for improving clinical outcomes. Guidance can be presented to your clinical staff for the patients that may be experiencing signs and symptoms related to COVID-19.

Dashboard, alerts, monitoring, and other resources related to COVID-19

NetSolutions allows skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities to confidently manage resident care with a single integrated EHR solution. Our geographically diverse team supports you remotely and is prepared to assist with circumstances surrounding the spread of COVID-19.

Let Cantata Health’s NetSolutions package assist you:

  • Utilize KPI dashboard to track COVID-19. Set up dashboard items in alignment with the guidance from AHIMA in coding for COVID-19
  • Get real-time alerts using eAssignments. Be alerted to important resident and staff events via NetSolutions pop-up message, text message, or email
  • Utilize point of care to identify early symptoms of suspected respiratory infection. Link respiratory symptoms to dashboard for real-time monitoring and set up eAssignment alerts for instant notifications
  • Modify payers and plans to accommodate waivers, including qualified hospital stay and benefit period extension
  • Robust hosting platform including free 90-day emergency hosting options and free remote access to hosted clients
  • Use CareWatch/InfectionWatch (Subscription available) to identify at-risk residents more quickly, allowing for timely interventions to be put into place to help prevent spread of infections

Optimum RCM
Platform for enhancing quality, maintaining privacy, and supporting clinical decision-making with real-time access to patient health information

Optimum RCM allows you to react to the changing regulatory and coding requirements brought on by COVID-19. Flexible and configurable Optimum RCM solutions enable you to meet the nearly daily changes being made in the healthcare industry by the CDC, WHO, HHS, and CMS.

From new CPT and HCPCS codes, to waiving requirements allowing acute care hospitals to house acute care inpatients in excluded distinct part units, to an additional condition code and modifier code for billing claim requirements, Optimum RCM gives you the tools to respond efficiently and effectively to satisfy the ever-changing requirements.

Optimum RCM gives you the flexibility and allows you to react quickly in the following areas:

  • Scheduling and using the highly adaptable Patient Access Designer application for assembling pertinent patient and appointment/admission data
  • Creating and customizing user fields on the spot to meet the needs of gathering additional information
  • Tracking critical patient data and creating meaningful reports across the healthcare organization
  • Configuring bed attributes to accommodate the lifting of waivers
  • Modifying insurance payer plans to flag the coverage of COVID-19 testing

Cantata Health will continue to work diligently to manage all changing requirements. Optimum RCM allows providers to enhance quality, maintain privacy, and support clinical decision-making by providing seamless real-time access to patient health information, which is vital during the challenges COVID-19 is presenting.

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