EPOWERdoc's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform
Remotely triage, treat, and document patient encounters safely and efficiently

EPOWERdoc has released a new VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform to help cope with the challenges of providing care to an overwhelming patient population during a pandemic or disaster. The VitalTelemed Telemedicine EHR Platform allows immediate and secure audio/visual communication with a remote patient, providing safety for the patient, provider, and surrounding population of exposure to a communicable condition. This allows providers to remotely triage, treat, and document patient encounters in a much more safe and efficient manner. Quarantined providers will still have the opportunity to provide direct patient care during a crisis.

VitalTelemed is compatible with any mobile device or computer and is the only telemedicine platform that provides all the features necessary for a complete EHR for telemedicine including multiple patient management, ePrescribing, discharge instructions, and follow-up referrals. The VitalTelemed Reporting Module allows tracking and reporting of confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases, allowing monitoring of severity and pattern of infection rates.

Additionally, VitalTelemed is the only telemedicine platform to offer complaint-specific medical content for over 130 presenting conditions, including COVID-19. The platform supports screening for treatment triage and appropriate documentation of the encounter for reimbursement and risk management, eliminating the need to use free text or dictate and the risk of an incomplete medical record. VitalTelemed also includes a consultant module that allows real-time specialty consultation during a patient encounter and specialty-specific medical content for the consultant for over 75 specialties.