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everis, an NTT Data Company's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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ehCOS RemoteHS for COVID-19
Facilitates a remote home care strategy, provides information for the organization of social and health resources, and educates on patient self-management

ehCOS RemoteHS for COVID-19 is a ready-to-use, self-contained, and immediately applicable solution that allows organizations to activate community-centered care models and enable care channels and non-face-to-face monitoring. This solution reduces the healthcare system’s pressure during all phases of a pandemic such as the one we are currently experiencing. The solution is based on standalone products from the everis health ehCOS suite.

ehCOS RHS adapts itself to the topology and existing processes in the healthcare organization. It allows organizations to use new remote attention processes for the population (management of 80% of cases) and works in a coordinated manner for emergencies, urgencies, and hospital/residence care (management of 20% of cases).

Benefits of using ehCOS RHS for COVID-19

  • Continuous health monitoring of diagnosed patients
  • Facilitation of the remote home care strategy
  • Information on social and health resources
  • Patient self-management for COVID-19
  • Availability of tools and information to guarantee patient care quality and safety
  • Relaxation of healthcare pressure on hospital care modalities
  • Individual and global vision of the evolution of COVID-19 cases
  • Homogenized follow-up of quarantined patients, home isolation patients, and mild cases (80%)
  • Selective management of isolation populations that facilitate progressive deconfinement strategies in a controlled manner
  • Geo-positioned, individual- and population-based view of the evolution of COVID-19 cases based on the data of registered users

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