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Holon Solutions's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Deliver critical/relevant knowledge in the workflow at the point of care; coordinate community resources to ensure efficient and comprehensive care delivery

Our Country needs a rapid response information solutions network that conquers our fragmented complexity while leveraging, extending, and enhancing the infrastructure we already have. Holon’s CollaborNet can be a key part of the solution. CollaborNet was designed from the ground up to:

  • Deliver critical/relevant knowledge in the workflow at the point of care
  • Coordinate community resources to ensure efficient and comprehensive care delivery

As such, Holon and defined collaborators can enhance any community’s COVID-19 response operations. We see the following categories of needs and solution partner examples:

  • Protocols: Caregivers in all settings should follow defined CDC protocols to ensure evidence-based best practices are consistently applied.
  • Context: Each person, their history and their present conditions must be established reliably to ensure that right protocol is followed for that individual.
  • Coordination: Each care setting must operate in coordination within their community to ensure that the best combination of community resources is deployed to meet the demands.
  • Communication: Citizens, families, friends, caregivers, public health authorities all require appropriate information and information feeds to stay abreast of both the current situation and to receive qualified guidance as to what to do next.

Some of the key cognitive components required to contribute to the COVID-19 pandemic are:

  • Protocols: Automated Clinical Guidelines (ACG) has automated the CDC’s up-to-date educational, diagnostic, and therapeutic guidelines for dealing with the COVID-19 medical and community mitigation strategies, designed for use at point-of-care by providers, employees, patients, and caregivers in near real-time.
  • Context & Coordination: As an extension to EMRs, Hospital information systems and population health management systems, Holon’s multi-dimensional context engine, combined with its sensors, centralized knowledge repository, communications backbone and care-coordination platform enable health systems and communities to ensure the best care is delivered at the appropriate setting.

For best outcomes, citizens and patients should participate in the network as key stakeholders. LifeguardMobile/LifeguardRx is a patient engagement solution that brings the appropriate and relevant information and context to the patients, their caregivers and their families.

LifeguardRx® enables advanced patient surveillance of symptoms via clinically validated measures from the home. Self-reported measures are analyzed against established clinical protocols and escalations are generated based upon aligned algorithms built into the Lifeguard Platform. Lifeguard enables scalable virtual triage and continuity of clinical operations:

holon collabornet rapid response network

Communications: All solution vendors, including those supporting the authorities and their registries, will need to engage in a care-setting and constituent-aware communications protocol to improve the effectiveness of the entire system while minimizing confusion and undue concern.