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InTouch Health (Merged to Teladoc: Ready to Delete)


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InTouch Health (Merged to Teladoc: Ready to Delete)'s Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Virtual care offering including COVID-19 screening capabilities

InTouch Health offers a complete end-to-end virtual care offering by leveraging our Solo by InTouch software platform.

Our focus is to enable hospitals and health systems to take a virtual first approach to address the concerns of their patient populations and communities:

  • Keep the healthy at home and virtualize patient care
    • Assess and triage patients—Offer a COVID-19 virtual assessment and intake process directly on your website, mobile app, or by phone to direct care to the appropriate care setting
    • Provide ongoing and uninterrupted patient care—Manage existing, nonemergent patient volumes virtually, including on-demand or scheduled appointments and medication refills
  • Minimize exposure within a facility for inpatient care
    • Effectively Tele-isolate—Download software on your existing telehealth devices, tablets, or laptops to continuously monitor and treat patients in isolation
    • Limit on-site visits—Offer on-demand or scheduled virtual visits for representatives, family members, and any nonessential visitors
    • Maximize resources—Use any device as a virtual endpoint to optimize staffing and care teams with full scheduling capabilities, real-time notifications, and provider-to-provider consultations

Our Standard Solution

Solo by InTouch is a scalable software platform built to provide real-time care to patients at home as well as in a healthcare facility. Within less than 24 hours, we can deploy our cloud-based software to enable end-to-end patient care, as well as a virtual COVID-19 screening, in response to the high demand healthcare providers are experiencing today.

The solution includes the following:

  • One-time setup and configuration fee
  • 4 months of free user access to Solo
  • Expedited deployment
  • Cloud-based end-to-end patient care
  • Virtual COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  • Basic white-labeling (logo only)

Not included:

  • Customization
  • EMR/System Integrations

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