Millennia Partners


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Millennia Partners's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Patient payment and experience
Complete technology solution for payment processing, eligibility, estimation, and patient payments with a concierge services layer

Given the uncharted territory we are in as an industry, specifically with the current layoffs of your revenue cycle staff, Millennia can help by providing:

  • Fast Implementation: We know you do not have time for large and long implementations. With our deep experience with 70+ HIS systems, including Epic and Cerner, we will implement large hospitals and/or physician groups in quicker than 60 days. Some, we can even do under 30 days. This speed to implement is not our best case, this is our standard case.
  • Free US-Based Concierge Staff: The current climate has you low on staff. A free concierge staff to support your facility and/ or hospital for both inbound and outbound calls is included as part of our service. Our state-of-the-art physical and virtual call center is standing by to give you the FTE bandwidth you need immediately, all the while keeping your patients satisfied.
  • Process Continuation: With your team smaller than ever, we know you need processes and therefore reimbursement to continue. Our technology will work for you to continue each and every process. From statements to MobilePay to our USbased staff, we will keep your patients happy and therefore your patient reimbursement whole.

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