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Patients Know Best's Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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PKB Remote Platform
Patient-controlled medical record system with telehealth and patient engagement capabilities

Patients Know Best (PKB) is working with current and new customers to enable the rapid deployment of our Patient Held Record platform. The PKB personal health record and clinical portal is a fully remote, cloud-based solution that is instantly available on any device with an internet connection (no need for downloads).

To facilitate your COVID-19 response at speed and scale, we offer collaborative care features on top of our standard features, to help manage any existing appointments that need to continue and to support COVID-19 specific triage.

How can sites achieve this?

The key is to perform single tasks that serve many users:

  • create all patient records
  • invite all professionals
  • distribute communications for all stakeholders
  • release test results and appointments to all patients
  • register all patients at scale
  • train clinical users using one- to-many approaches (e.g. using webinars and online manuals that PKB offers)

In addition to the above, there are many features that can be used to manage workflow including but not limited to:

  • Care plans: creating event-specific care plans that can be used immediately or easily adapted to local needs.
  • Video consultations: supporting various methods of remote care using PKB functionality alone or alongside other systems.
  • Updating patients: sharing information with patients in a timely way to help reduce anxiety and ensure they receive accurate updates; critical to effectively managing cohorts.
  • Asynchronous messaging (with picture, video, or documentation attachment features): used to conduct follow-up appointments and answer concerns or queries without the need for face-to-face appointments or telephone calls.
  • Structured consultation and surveys: self-monitoring and tracking of symptoms via:
    • integration with telehealth and telecare apps and devices allowing home monitoring of symptoms
    • symptom trackers

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