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Talksoft Corporation (A RevSpring Company)'s Current COVID-19 Response and Solutions

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Pre-Service Appointment Reminder and Messaging Platform
Utilize existing technologies to pivot as messaging priorities shift

Office hour changes or closures

talksoft appointment reminder mobile view

Many providers have adjusted their normal office hours or temporarily closed offices to reduce virus spread. Self-service broadcast messages help patients navigate new appointment policies, answer frequently asked questions, and guide requests for care. Providers also use digital messaging to communicate changes in appointment schedules.

Connect patients to Telemedicine options

Telemedicine is an essential care option for patients and providers. Providers are using their existing engagement channels, such as appointment reminder messaging, to provide direct links to telehealth platforms.

Provide access to patient schedules

Staff sometimes cannot access their EHR system when working remotely. Our appointment reminder portal is cloud-based and available from any internet-connected device. This gives office staff with access to scheduled appointment data the ability to easily send patients communications.

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